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November 19, 2014

Danny MacAskill creates Cortana signature in the night sky

At 5 p.m., the boat left the pier, bound for the location of a soon-to-be historic event. Snaking down the river, we passed under five London bridges, each pulsating with the red and white lights of two-wheeled commuters, pedaling home on this bitterly cold night.

Rounding the final corner, our endpoint came into view: the iconic London Eye. From a distance, it resembles a bicycle wheel and the Cortana logo (albeit with 64 spokes and 32 capsules). Like a gigantic version of the cyclists’ wheels we’d seen previously, the Eye’s colorful reflection shimmered on the River Thames.

However, we weren’t here to sample the tallest cantilevered observation wheel on the planet; we’d arrived to witness one of the world’s most-renowned trials cyclist riders perform a mesmeric new stunt above the river, thanks to Lumia UK.

As the evening turned from dusk to night, Danny MacAskill rode a 21-foot loop-the-loop, illuminating it in a bright blue halo above the water and replicating the Cortana signature in front of the London Eye.


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During training for the #makeithappen event, Cortana acted as Danny’s personal assistant, arranging his meetings, warning for bad weather and finding maps and playing his favorite music.

“I prefer to spend as much time on my bike as possible; any help in organizing meetings, travel plans and projects is great. This is one of the biggest set ups I have ever ridden and the location is amazing.

“To have a five-metre loop floating on a barge is something surreal. I always look for new challenges and the chance to ride this massive loop with the help of Cortana is another achievement I can be proud of,” said Danny.



Check back soon for our exclusive interview, more images and video from the event.