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November 20, 2014

The beautiful Lumia 535: views from around the Web

The Web is buzzing with talk of Lumia. The announcement of the new Microsoft Lumia 535, our “5x5x5” smartphone package, received a warm reception last week. Here’s what the critics had to say.



The Verge states how “Microsoft’s first Lumia defines Windows Phone’s future,” appreciating its affordable price point and specifications:

“Specifications might be low on the Lumia 535, but Microsoft has made some changes that don’t compromise the experience as much as some other budget Lumia devices.”

The Verge continues: “The addition of 1GB of RAM here instead of the usual 512MB is an important move, especially as a lot of Windows Phone games require higher amounts of RAM.”

CNET labels the Lumia 535 as “quite comfortable to hold and the edges don’t dig into your palm”:

“If you were worried that a Microsoft rebrand would lead to a new design for Lumia phones, fear not — at least not yet. The Lumia 535, the sequel to the Lumia 530, sticks to the same proven formula as the current range of handsets. That’s to say, it has a plastic back and clean lines with rounded corners. It resembles the older Lumia 530, though bigger and slimmer.”

Engadget remarked on the phone’s affordability and ergonomic design: “It sounds like it could be the perfect phone for selfie addicts on a budget …”

“It sits comfortably in the hand and the button placement on the right-hand side — volume rocker up top and power button underneath — should suit right-handers’ thumbs perfectly..

“The Lumia 535 is intended to fill something of a hole in its current line-up, being a more affordable smartphone that still has a decent-sized screen to poke at.”

 Lumia 535 headphones

Defining the Lumia 535 as ‘The Stunning Budget Smartphone That Can Conquer The World,” Forbes states:

“The five-inch screen continues the idea of Windows Phone bringing higher specifications to lower price points.”

“So the first fully branded Windows Phone from Microsoft makes a huge statement of intent….”

Meanwhile, Techcrunch highlighted the phone’s smart pricing: “Microsoft’s New Lumia 535 Costs $140 And Is Its First Non-Nokia Smartphone.”


ComputerWorld received the Lumia 535 with a bang and remarked how the “Lumia 535 edges Moto E with more storage, front camera.”

Pitting it against other devices, CW added: “The Lumia 535 has 8GB of integrated storage…can also be expanded, but with a bigger 128GB microSD card” and how “The Lumia 535 is slightly heavier at 146 grams, but slimmer at 8.8 millimeters..”

When are you going to buy the Lumia 535?


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