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November 20, 2014

Gobble, gobble! Enjoy a happy Thanksgiving with Lumia

There are many things we’re thankful for in 2014, not least the Windows Phone Store packed with these food, weather and travel apps.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. (Canada celebrated last month), and whether it’s planning the menu, inviting guests or arranging travel plans around the weather, there’s plenty to do before we can tuck into some turkey.

These great Windows Phone apps for your Lumia will cover all the bases.

allrecipesthumb DinnerSpinner (Free, Windows Phone 7.5 and up)

One of the most popular apps in the Windows Phone Store, All Recipes features thousands of ideas complete with ingredient lists, detailed instructions, nutritional information, reviews and tips.

You can choose your favorite food category and even get daily updates delivered to your Lumia. Personally, this app is a mainstay on my Lumia Icon. (Free, Windows Phone 8)

A free and easy to use Pinterest client, this app will help scour the Web for Thankgiving-themed recipes and home decor to pin to your own, personalized ideas board. You can also save your favorite boards to your Lumia’s Start screen for easy access.

Blue Skies (Free, Windows Phone 8)

For some of us, the annual excursion to grandmother’s house involves negotiating nasty wintry weather.


You and the troops can stay ahead of the snow and ice with the beautifully designed Blue Skies app. It gives you a weather summary for the next hour as well as warns you of any severe weather. The information is also displayed in an attractive Live Tile on your Start screen.

Microsoft OneNote (Free, Windows Phone)

The built-in One Note app on your Lumia is a great place to build your Thanksgiving to-do list. Thanks to its Cloud-syncing capabilities, you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of your documents, whether you’re on your phone or computer.

Too busy to type up a list? Just tap the microphone icon and speak. OneNote will save your audio notes for whenever you need them.

Skyscanner (Free, Windows Phone 8)


Snagging the best holiday airfare can be more of a lottery than perfectly timing the Thanksgiving turkey. So a reliable, safe, independent app like SkyScanner can be indispensible.

The well-designed app scans thousands of airfares from hundreds of airlines and makes it easy to complete purchases.




Evite (Free, Windows Phone 8)

If you’re rolling out the red carpet (well, it’s probably brown or orange this time of year, right?), keep tabs on who’s coming and who isn’t on your guest list.

Evite helps you to create custom invitations, send them out, and keep track of the RSVPs. This should ensure you won’t still eating leftovers for Christmas dinner!