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November 21, 2014

Learn a foreign language with Duolingo for Windows Phone 8.1

Bonjour! Comment ça va? Load the new, free Duolingo app on your Lumia; it makes learning foreign language so much fun that you’ll parlez with the locals in no time.

Duolingo turns learning a foreign language into a game. The app’s unique innovation lies in the bite-sized lessons and constant challenges on offer. Each Duolingo lesson includes a mix of speaking, listening, translation and multiple-choice challenges.


The science-based app is handy if you plan on traveling to a foreign country and want to learn enough of the local lingo to get by. Duolingo can also help you brush up on your foreign-language lessons in school.

duo live tile copy

In fact an independent study concludes that 34 hours of Duolingo is equal to one university-level semester of language education! The app alsooffers instant feedback to show what you missed and how you can improve. Answer incorrectly and you lose hearts. Advance further by finishing the lesson capsules and track your daily learning with shiny achievements. Duolingo also tracks your progress and informs you about the number of days you took lessons, the number of questions you got right. You can also monitor your “Streak Count and Hearts” to improve your foreign language-acquisition.

Live Tile feature

For instant access, pin the app as a Live Tile on your Start screen. Each time you glance at your Lumia, you’ll be greeted with the Duolingoowl encouraging you to get back to your lesson—no more procrastinating on your Spanish language homework!

Download Duolingo from the Windows Phone Store today. Soon, you can impress your friends with your new found multilingual skills!