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November 23, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Each week we choose our five favorite new apps and updates, and each week we’re faced with a tough decision. But this week was incredibly easy.

Why? Because the the Windows Phone Store saw tons of wonderful new apps, games, and updates. So, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve got some real beauties to share with you. We have a couple of long-awaited apps, a couple of big updates, and a fun game to keep you entertained as the days get darker. Read on to find out more.


What is it: a language-learning app

Why we love it: You’ve probably already heard of this popular app that makes learning a foreign language fun, and now it’s finally available for Windows Phone. Duolingo turns studying a new language into a game, helping you to brush up on vocabulary and grammar by offering small lessons and interesting challenges. You can choose from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English in this fabulous and free app.

Who it’s perfect for: language lovers and travelers




What is it: a computational knowledge engine

Why we love it: The official Wolfram Alpha app lets you compute answers and generate reports using a vast collection of data and algorithms. It puts a ton of scientific, mathematical, and geographical information right at your fingertips to help you solve questions and problems. Fairly priced at $2.99 and with thousands of domains such as algebra, probability, and demographics, it’ll keep you busy for hours.

Who it’s perfect for: curious minds and statistics buffs



Angry Birds Go!

What is it: a thrilling racing game

Why we love it: The Angry Birds Go! that we know and love just got even better by introducing its new team multi-player. Form teams of three with your friends and go “beak-to-snout” with other teams, braving twists and turns with the pedal to the metal. You can now also race at night, so be sure to turn on your headlights.

Who it’s perfect for: racing fans

Angry Birds Go!_apps



What is it: an app to discover new places

Why we love it: FourSquare has been around for a long time, but this week it got a huge redesign with a new UI and new features. While users seem to be divided on what they think about FourSquare 4.0, we’re loving it so far. It now focuses more on discovering new places using customized searches and preferences, but also offers integration with Swarm as well as Cortana.

Who it’s perfect for: explorers on the hunt for new places and experiences



0h h1

What is it: a simple and fun logic game

Why we love it: 0h h1 is one of those wonderful little games that are both fun and frustrating, with a very simple premise. You need to fill out a grid using two colors, but each row and column must have an equal number of red and blue tiles, without having more than 3 of one color in a row or column. You’ll get unlimited puzzles with a choice of a 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, or 10×10 grid. And to make it even better, it’s free and doesn’t have ads.

Who it’s perfect for: puzzle lovers and Sudoku players



Are you as excited about these as we are? Let us know in the comments what you think, and if you found any other great new apps this week, be sure to share them with us.