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November 24, 2014

Office 365: Securing your data

If you’re considering or already subscribing to an Office 365 package, you may wonder how the team behind the service keeps your data in the Microsoft data centers secure. Take a look.

In the video below, we see lead Office 365 engineer Vivek Sharma detailing the differences between a physical and an online storage environment.

By using an online system, “nobody has access to the physical data. The only people that have access are the folks doing maintenance on the servers,” said Vivek.

“Now, they have themselves absolutely no ability to go find out who lives on what partition, what disk, because they’re not the administrators in the environment.”

The team runs through various theoretical scenarios such as pulling disk drives (data will be instantly wiped thanks to BitLocker), implanting malicious code (that won’t run because of AppLocker techniques) and battle it out (via Red and Blue teams) out in a hacking battleground to tackle and conquer the latest known threats.

Ultimately, Vivek and his team have one goal: “Top most in our priority list, we are making sure that we are stopping every exploit and filling every hole that we find.”

We’ll bring you more “from inside the cloud” in the coming weeks.