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November 27, 2014

How Bangladesh and the Lumia 730 took the world’s largest selfie

Search the word “selfie” on the Web and you get an incredible 226 million results.

You’d been forgiven then for thinking that every possible type of selfie has already been taken. But never underestimate human being’s ability to dream big, especially when they’re packing a Lumia. As anyone who has ever taken a selfie knows, the photo is normally all about you. Last weekend in Bangladesh that all changed. Yes, you read the headline right, selfie history was made when the biggest selfie ever was shot on a Lumia 730.


Crazy about selfies


When it comes to selfies, the history is fairly short and sweet. In fact the word “selfie” didn’t even catch on in common usage until 2013, when its use increased a reported 17,000%. So, for aspiring record breakers and creatives alike, the newness of the selfie craze is great news – there are tons of opportunities and selfie records just waiting to be set in selfie history. We’ve already shared quite a few amazing selfie feats here on Lumia Conversations, such as the 1600 selfie guy Patrick Walsh’s ThisisMe@3 selfie project, but we think this one just might take the cake.


Dreaming big

Microsoft and a very large group of excited participants achieved this super cool feat, with the help of the first smartphone designed specifically for selfies, the Lumia 730. At least 1,151 people joined in on the fun, using a sign-in sheet to keep track of the number of smiling faces. So far, it’s been liked by more than 33,000 people on the Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh Facebook page.  Unfortunately, the picture perfect crowd can’t lay official claim to taking part in selfie history just yet, as we’re still waiting for confirmation from The Guinness Book of World Records. But we’re very confident that soon this photo will be crowned the biggest ever.

An impressive feat from our fans in Bangladesh, I’m sure you’ll agree. Question is the biggest also the best selfie you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments below.