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November 30, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

With the holiday season getting ready to kick into full swing, the Windows Phone Store is stocking up on new apps and updates.

As November draws to an end, people everywhere are beginning their holiday shopping and planning. This week, we’ve got 5 great new apps and updates that just might help with the hustle and bustle. So if you want to keep track of daily tasks, keep an eye on your holiday spending, or prepare a delicious meal, we’ve got something for you.


What is it: a mobile messaging app

Why we love it: Threema is not just any old messaging app. The Swiss-made app focuses on privacy and security, using end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the intended recipient can read your messages (not even Threema can read them). The app also has anonymous IM, QR codes so that you won’t need to share personal information, a high level of data protection.

Who it’s perfect for: people that want to protect their personal information


Wunderlist (update)

What is it: a cross-platform to-do app

Why we love it: If you haven’t given this handy little app a go just yet, you should. Creating to-do lists and assigning tasks are a breeze using Wunderlist, making it easy to get and stay organized. With the recent updates, it’s now speedier and more user-friendly, with features like live tile support for smart lists and background sync to keep your local data up-to-date. If that doesn’t convince you, the oh-so-satisfying ding after you complete a task will.

Who it’s perfect for: list makers and organization cravers


Credit Karma

What is it: a credit monitoring app

Why we love it: An app that provides free on-the-go credit monitoring is a useful app to have in your financial arsenal, so we’re excited that Credit Karma is finally available for Windows Phone. Get free credits reports, notifications when something important changes in your credit report, as well as educational material that can help you maintain control of your finances.

Who it’s perfect for: consumers in the US


Allrecipes (update)

What is it: a recipe app

Why we love it: Just in time for the holidays, the app for the world’s #1 food site got a few tasty updates this week. Now, in addition to 50,000 searchable recipes, you can add favorites to your cross-platform Recipe Box, watch cooking videos, and enjoy Cortana integration for hands-free recipe-searching.

Who it’s perfect for: accomplished cooks and college students


Photosynth (update)

What is it: a panorama app

Why we love it: Photosynth is a popular app that lets you capture super cool panorama photos and share them with friends, and it’s a lot of fun to play around with creating 360 degree pictures. Recent updates have made the experience even more fun. Higher resolution capture mode makes your panoramas crisper, while the improved stitching engine makes the process quicker and more seamless.

Who it’s perfect for: Lumia photographers


How’s that for a jolly start to the holidays? Now that we’ve shared our five favorites, we’d love to hear from you what you think. Let us know in the comments below.