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December 1, 2014

10 cleverest Lumia shots of the month

Hope you had a gala time eating all the Turkey and exchanging gifts. For the rest of us it was weekend as usual and some free time to prepare for the onset of vacations and get our photography skills up to speed. Armed with your Lumias, here’s what you clicked that made for our coveted favorite Lumia shots in November.

Whether you have recently upgraded to the Lumia 830, or have been making full use of your Lumia 1020, the amazing camera in your Lumias never lets you miss that perfect moment. Sharing your #lumialove with the world, each one of you clicked some fabulous shots and here’s what caught our eyes.

Take this example by Husain Ujjainwala, as he captures people enjoying a camel ride through a crystal in the shot.

Here’s something we bet you’ve never seen before: a dog wearing a diaper, pacing back and forth across your screen. Thanks @B1zzle.


Just the perfect light for a great silhouette shot by the beach – by Rajul Tayal.

Piotr Rysak making full use of his skates and Lumia 920 in this shot.

Couldn’t be a better shot than this one by Cosmin Sbarcea. Nicely captured those plane tracks.

Time for some celebrations and fireworks, hellack?

Your wait was worth it, Giuseppe Barino.What a spray!

Kids having a nice time while chasing the waves in this shot by Clayton Heath.

In Cape Town, these warning lights captured by @sherifelalfy never stop flashing. Ever!


Skateboarding is a tricky mode of transport, but @mmoroca makes it look easy in this cinemagraph.


There we have it, 10 glorious photos from 10 different people showing their #lumialove.

Which one did you like the most? Share your thoughts and your own holiday photos with us below.