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December 1, 2014

Part Two: Even more holiday gifts for Lumia lovers

Here’s another crop of fun and useful gadgets for your favorite Lumia-loving friends and family this holiday season.

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. So instead of hunting down gifts at the last minute, why not do a little Window(s) shopping at the Windows Phone Store?

In part one of our holiday gift guide, we featured awesome Lumia-enabled gadgets such as the Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch and the Garmin HUD+ driving device.

Now, here are some more tech devices Santa could place under the Christmas tree for the lucky Lumia owners on your gift list.


Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband


Fitness-activity trackers are all the range and there are few solutions better than the Fitbit Flex. It tracks steps your steps and distance traveled throughout the day and monitors how well you sleep at night.


It also allows you to set fitness goals and features a row of LED lights which informs you of your progress towards daily targets. All data is wirelessly synced back to the Fitbit app for Windows Phone for long-term health monitoring.

Netatmo Weather Station

This weather station comes with two monitors, one for outdoor use and one for indoor use. It delivers real-time weather readings to the accompanying Netatmo app so you can plan your outdoor activities and dress appropriately. The indoor monitor keeps track of the CO2 levels in your home and lets you know when it’s time to open a few windows.

Insteon Wireless Security IP Camera

If you’re pals with a security-conscious Lumia user, then this connected camera is a great gift.

The Wi-Fi enabled device allows you to monitor your home when you’re away, and the accompanying Insteon Hub app even allows the cameras to be controlled using Cortana. It has a wide 67-degree viewing angle, motion sensors and night vision too. Why not give a little peace of mind this Christmas?

400Smarter-Starter-KitSmartThings Smarter Home Starter Kit

Sticking with the “connected home” theme, this starter kit from SmartThings allows users to control their lights, locks and electronics from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app and the bundled-in SmartThings Hub. When placed on a door or window, the Open/Closed sensor sends an immediate alert to the user, while the presence sensor does likewise when a person comes or goes from the home.

smallAdidasheartratemonitorAdidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor

In the previous guide, we featured the brilliant Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Watch. But if your budget doesn’t stretch to a $399 watch, the Adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor is a great substitute. This strap-on tracker sends all of your cardiac info back to the MiCoach app and together, they provide a complete picture of your workout.

Tell us the truth: Which of these gadgets are you giving as gifts to others, and which will you give to yourself?