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December 2, 2014
For Business

10 reasons why the Microsoft Lumia 830 is a great office companion

The Lumia 830, our ultra stylish and our most affordable flagship smartphone, is not just a great photo-snapper but a perfect work tool as well.

It doesn’t surprise us when we see people proclaiming their #Officelove. Here are 10 reasons why businesses are turning to Lumia 830 with Windows Phone 8.1.

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Reason #1

Out-of-the-box solution

If you’re part of the majority that has grown up using Windows devices such as PCs and laptops, then embracing a Lumia 830 running Windows Phone 8.1 is easy. Integrating the phone with your company’s existing Windows ecosystem and Microsoft services such as Exchange business email will be a natural progression.

Reason #2

Mobile Device Management

With mobile device management, you can enable access to your company’s resources in a secure and managed way. Your business data is always safe: Even if a Lumia smartphone falls into the wrong hands, the Enterprise Wipe feature will let you remove all company resources at the touch of a button. In addition, Lumia phones works seamlessly with VPN integration.


Reason #3 

Apps that work across phones, tablets and PCs

There are apps on the Windows Phone Store that are universal and offer you cross-device compatibility. We explained here about in-app-purchases, which can be obtained on one device and will appear on your other devices, creating a greater synergy between apps or games.

Reason #4

Uncompromising business-grade security

Your Lumia smartphones are secure and safe thanks to the built-in security designed specifically for business needs. Features such as full-device encryption and unique information-rights management capability make it easy to implement your company’s IT policies.

Reason #5

Communication and collaboration made simple

Along with Outlook Mobile, there are innovative features such as People Hubthat makes contacts and groups easilyaccessible with a single tap on the screen. Calendar provides an integrated and accessible daily view and OneNote automatically syncs your notebooks across all Windows devices

Reason #6

Mobile Office and Outlook built in as standard

Your Lumia smartphone, such as the Lumia 830 with the Windows Phone 8.1, is the only platform with Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile built-in —offering you mobile-optimized versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Reason #7

Hardware that works in harmony

The built-in NFC functionality helps make your life simpler. Don’t forget the seamless transfer of data between colleagues with just a tap. Thanks to high-performance processors and the option of expandable memory SD cards, you will never have to worry about your work needs.

Lumia 830

Reason #8 

Highly customizable to your people and your business

The most visually striking feature of your Lumia 830 is the Start screen. Feel free to personalize it by changing the theme color to match your shirt or mood.

Reason #9

Built for business. Designed for life

The ever-expanding Windows Phones Store offers you the best of apps, including HERE navigation apps and Mint for managing your money during your work travels. Also, flaunt the Lumia colorful and stylish exchangeable shells to reflect your mood.

Reason #10

A full range of models and price points

With the features of a flagship in an ultra-affordable price range, you not only get the very best of PureView imaging, but also a business smartphone that lets you do all of the above.

I own a bright green Lumia 830. When are you making the switch?