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December 3, 2014

Why the 1600 Selfie Man thinks the Lumia 735 is the best selfie smartphone ever

If there’s anyone that knows selfies, it’s Patrick Walsh, the 1600 Selfie Man.

What better person then to review the world’s best selfie smartphone, the Lumia 735. Patrick, author, adventurer, founder of the Lumia photography group NBAN, and the undisputed king of selfies, is man behind the ThisisMe@3 selfie project. Each day at 3 pm, the alarm on his Lumia reminds him that it’s selfie time and he takes a pause in whatever adventure he’s in the midst of to take a quick snap (such as hanging out with pro footballer Rio Ferdinand, as the above photo proves).

The project has been ongoing for 4 years and 5 months now. In that time, he’s taken over 1600 selfies in over 50 countries with his Lumia. But the 1600 dollar question is, how does he rate the Lumia 735. Read on to find out just what Patrick thinks, in his own words.

Selfie discovery

The specs listed for the Lumia 735 make it seems rather impressive, but how does this middle tier device fare in day-to-day use? Well, for a start the 5-megapixel forward facing “Selfie” camera has set a new standard. With front facing sensors that are more than twice the size of other devices, the Lumia 735 made my life as “The Selfie King” a lot easier. The wide-angle lens combined with an f/2.4 aperture allows me produce photos that are sharp, bright and capture lots of content in the frame. Holding the phone at arm’s length allowed plenty of room for a five-man selfie, with London tourist attractions or other scenic backdrops easily captured in my recent ‘selfie adventures’.

Patrick Walsh 1


Smooth Screen

The thing that stood out most on the Lumia 735 is the screen quality. It is the best screen that I have ever experienced on any mobile device. This is because it has a sleek 4.7-inch, 1,280 x 720 AMOLED screen that now guarantees deep blacks and bright whites resulting in top quality ‘Selfie’ images from every viewing angle.


Because the screen is so smooth and balanced, it means that communicating with the #nbanFamily on Facebook or Tweeting using the Word Flow keyboard for swipe-based text input is faster and more efficient than ever.

Wireless charging

Regular followers of Lumia Conversations will know that I won a wireless charging plate at the recent #MoreLumia event in Berlin for being the ‘fastest texter’. Over the last few weeks I have been putting my new wireless charging plate to the test as I quickly and efficiently recharge the Lumia 735. No more wires.


Battery life

As I attend a lot of events and I am constantly on the look out for the next great photo opportunity, battery life is something that I value very much. Thankfully the Lumia 735 has awesome battery life.

Changeable Battery

If you though that the long lasting battery life was good, then it gets even better: once again we have the option of changing the removable battery and putting in a fully charged spare if the need arises. Best.Thing.Ever.

Changeable Covers

Just when you think that it can’t get any better than a removable battery then Lumia really bring the Old Skool back to life with that thing that we all secretly love: changing the shell of our phone. Once again we have the option of changing the colour or style of our handset in a quick and easy manner.

Attention Seeker

The Nokia Lumia 735 comes in a range of colours with the plastic handset I trailed being a beautiful bright matte orange. It is a really cool colour shell that is both smudge and dust resistant and totally eye catching. Did it attract much attention? It sure did – It got me talking to so many people. I wouldn’t be changing that shell for a long time.


In the hand

With the handset being made out of plastic as apposed to metal, the curved frame felt much slimmer and lighter as it sat very comfortably in the hand with all functionality on the device easily reachable with one hand. Its minimalist design of a rounded plastic shell looks and feels like a modern Lumia 920, but without the bulk or the weight. The Lumia 735 is the most comfortable handset I have held. If you like the Lumia 920, you will love the Lumia 735.

Party Season Recordings

All Lumia devices provide for a very Rich Recording setup that prevents very loud noises from overwhelming the microphones, such as your drunken mate shouting in your ear as you celebrate this year’s festive season. This will allow you to clearly record his ‘joke’ and put the joke back on him when you share it on social media the next day.


There is 8GB of storage built in to the device, which is backed up by a massive 15GB of Microsoft’s One Drive cloud storage. In addition to that you can save up to 128GB via a microSD card. Handy for budding phoneographers, that likes to capture many images per day, like I do.

There you have. 11 very good reasons why the 1600 Selfie Guy think the Lumia 735 is a winner. But what about you? Let us know down below