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December 8, 2014

5 fantastic Reddit communities that every Lumia fan will love

Want to find some of the best Windows Phone communities on the Web? Then today is your lucky day.

Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet”, is host to thousands of specialized subreddits which cover a nearly infinite range of topics – and Lumia is no exception. In fact, Reddit is home to some of the best communities around for Lumia lovers. So we’ve decided to share the love and point you towards our five favorite subreddits for all things Lumia and Windows Phone.


What is it: a Windows Phone community

Why we love it: /r/windowsphone is the place to be for all things Windows Phone on Reddit. With nearly 38,000 subscribers, you’re guaranteed to have a ton of fresh, relevant information gathered from all over the web right at your fingertips. The subreddit offers everything from news to weekly app discussions, so you’re likely to find whatever you might be looking for here.

Who it’s perfect for: everyone with a Windows Phone



What is it: a community for Lumia lovers

Why we love it: /r/LumiaLovers is fairly small subreddit, but it’s a great place for Lumia-specific information, tips, and even the occasional meme. While /r/windowsphone is a great go-to for up-to-the-minute news, /r/LumiaLovers is perfect for chilling out, diving into discussions, and getting tips on accessories, phones, or apps.

Who it’s perfect for: Lumia owners


What is it: a community for and about Windows Phone app development

Why we love it: /r/WPDev is the perfect place to get the latest news and tips on development and mingle with developers themselves. You can also see what kind of cool apps others are working on or get help on your own app.

Who it’s perfect for: amateur and pro devs


What is it: a community for Lumia photographers

Why we love it: Looking for somewhere to show off your photography? /r/LumiaLens is a nice place for sharing all of those gorgeous shots that you take. The community is small but growing, and is sure to welcome you with open arms (but with the great work that you all create, who wouldn’t?).

Who it’s perfect for: Lumia photographers


What is it: a community for Microsoft fans

Why we love it: /r/Microsoft is a good place for fans to gather and discuss everything Microsoft, from apps to Xbox One. You can get the latest news or talk business and products, all in one place. It’s also a great starting point to find subreddits for all of your favorite Microsoft devices and programs, such as Xbox 360, Surface, or Windows 8.

Who it’s perfect for: Microsoft fans

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There you have it, our top five Lumia and Windows Phone subreddits that we think you’ll love just as much as we do. So head over there and start meeting fellow Lumia lovers, submit your own news, or just lurk to your heart’s content. Come back and tell us what you think afterward.