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December 8, 2014

Best travel apps for your Lumia that work without Internet

Your Lumia is a critical tool when it comes to traveling. Here are some of the best travel apps that won’t eat rack up costly data fees and don’t even require an Internet connection.

Once you are through setting your itinerary and dates, load these apps on your Lumia smartphone before you leave home.


bing translator

If you have been delaying a trip to France or Vietnam because you can’t read or speak French or Vietnamese, let this native translator app come to your rescue. With support in more than 45 languages, say hello to your pocket personal interpreter.

Type, speak, or point your camera to a foreign word, and have it translated instantly. Don’t forget to download offline support.



Here Maps offers fast, comprehensive, offline maps in more than 135 countries!

The most reliable and easy-to-use map service, it offers you turn-by-turn walk navigation(even in a foreign land!) with pinpoint accuracy. HERE Maps can also suggest places to eat or shop based on your current location.

Check out our recent vine video on downloading offline maps with HERE Maps.


This International Medical Passport stores your health information, such as current immunizations, medication history, and more.

The password-protected records are stored on your Lumia device for immediate use even when you do not have Internet access. Be informed and find a hospital or clinic should you develop any symptoms while abroad.

The app also allowsyour healthcare providers and family members to see and share your health information.

Currency XE currency

Convert and get the most up-to-date currency rates with XE Currency (over WiFi) as well analysis charts for free!

Select your base currencyand add other currencies for quick conversion. Once done, the exchange rates will be stored for later reference. There is also a built-in calculator in the app.

Unit Converter

When you travel, there is no escaping conversion, such as grams to ounces or from miles to kilometers. Unit Converter will quickly convert values and give you the preferred unit.

You can also favorite a specific unit to be converted, such as length or weight. Also useful are Sizes for Men and Sizes for Women if you’re going shopping for clothing, shoes, or outerwear.

Toshl Finance

Keep track of your travel expense via this budget-tracker app. It lets youenter multiple currencies (including euros, dollars and RMB) and displays your total expenditure in your home currency.One smart feature is the “expense map” that lets you view your travel spending across places.

And before we go, how can we not mention OneNote and its to-do lists and tasks and Skype that lets you make inexpensive calls to family and friends?

This is by no means a comprehensive travel-apps list. The Windows Phone Store features a dedicated travel + navigation section that offers some pretty useful apps depending on your needs.

What’re you waiting for? Download these apps and have the perfect trip.

Bon Voyage!