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December 11, 2014

Having your say: Reviewing Microsoft Lumia

You love your Lumia smartphone. Now, put that love into words.

Is it the PureView camera, the Live Tiles or Cortana, your digital personal assistant that makes your Lumia smartphone special? Or is it another feature altogether?

Don’t keep it to yourself: Take the lead and let the world know your Lumialove.

Learn from Lumia fans the world over and see what they have to say about their Lumia experience on these country-specific Microsoft product review sites: U.S., UK, and India.

Lumia 630


Getting 4.5 stars out of five-star rating, 99 out of 106 reviewers recommend the Lumia 630. Find out here what makes Lumia 630 the preferred choice for many.

Nokia Lumia 630   Microsoft   USA

Lumia 1020


Receiving 4.3 stars out of a five-star rating, 240 out of 274 reviewers recommend the Lumia 1020 and call it the best camera ever. Here’s what others had to say about this powerful snapper.

Nokia Lumia 1020   Microsoft   USA

Lumia 830

830 new

Bestowing 4.8 out of five stars, 28 out of 29 reviewers recommend the Lumia 830 and call it a great phone. Read more reviews about the Lumia 830 here.

Nokia Lumia 830   Microsoft   USA

Lumia 735

Lumia735 new

Honoring it with a 4.7 out of five stars, 7 out of 7 reviewers recommend the Lumia 735 as a feature-rich smartphone with a great front-facing camera. Check out what makes the Lumia 735 special here.

Nokia Lumia 735 Ratings and reviews   Microsoft   UK

Let us know what you think of your Lumia and write a review on one of the Microsoft review sites linked above.