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December 12, 2014

Great insights on college prep – the Get Prepped app (and contest) from Harvard Student Agencies

What’s the secret for getting into your dream college?” We’re Harvard Student Agencies, a group of Harvard undergraduates that run the largest student-run business in the world, and one branch of our business is providing tutoring to high school students all over the country who are preparing to apply to college. So as you might have guessed, we get asked that question pretty regularly! We’re very passionate about helping high school students prepare for the SATs, and we love making the test prep and college admissions process seem a little less scary and mysterious. We were just in the shoes of a high-schooler applying to college and we students all over the world to get the insider information on what we wish we had known.

Last year, our HSA Tutoring Manager Rémi Yang, Chief Technology Officer Lisa Wang, and President Ryley Reynolds built an app on the Windows platform to do just that. It’s called Get Prepped, and you can download it now in the Windows Store. We found five amazing Harvard students to profile in the app who were willing to share their stories, SAT prep strategies, and even their test scores and college essays. In the app, you can read all about them and even watch videos about their experience at Harvard.

Get Prepped

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of their Get Prepped contest, which runs through December 31, 2014. The winner of the contest will get a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover, 20 hours of HSA Tutoring’s Customized Online Tutoring Package, and an hour-long Skype conversation with the President of HSA. 100 runners-up will receive 15% off of an HSA Tutoring Customized Online Tutoring Package.

If you are a current high school student, download the app for Windows 8 here and enter the contest at by answering the question “Why do you want to go to college?” We can’t wait to help!

Harvard Student Agencies