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December 12, 2014

NFL Showdown: Football Manager for Windows Phone

If you had a million bucks, how powerful of an NFL football team could you build? With NFL Showdown: Football Manager, you’ve got the cash and the clout.

The new football season in America is well underway.

We’re talking the gridiron kind, complete with 24/7 television coverage, high-kicking cheerleaders, and more than 60,000 fans screaming their heads off at each game.

Now, you can channel that experience on your Lumia and build your own fantasy football team with NFL Showdown: Football Manager, a new 512MB-compatible free app for Windows Phone 8 and above.

With this immersive gaming app made by Zynga, you can manage your favorite National Football League franchise, compete in daily showdowns and head-to-head matchups with friends, and build the ultimate football dynasty to hopefully reach the ultimate goal–winning the Super Bowl.



Here’s how NFL Showdown: Football Manager works. First, choose one of 32 real-life teams you’d like to manage. (For instance, I chose the San Francisco 49ers.)

Then, with one million dollars of mad money, you can sign free agents and swap out players on your roster for better-performing ones.

Say that the performance of your starting quarterback has been more off than on. Well, you can probably trade him for a couple of green but promising rookies you’ve been keeping tabs on.

You’re also responsible for training players and creating game-day tactics to win. How do you know which players are up to snuff? You’ll get real-time data based on fantasy football player performance.

Since you’re the team manager, it’s up to you to develop a winning strategy and choose a starting line-up. You must also update rosters and build game-day tactics – just like what head coaches do in the big leagues.

The better your team plays, not only will it collect more trophies and rewards, the better its chances are that it’ll go all the way. With NFL Showdown: Football Manager, every day can be full of football.

If you’re into American football, give NFL Showdown: Football Manager a try and let us know what you think!

Ask Cortana: She’s a fan

Cortana, your personal assistant available with Windows Phone 8.1 (in select countries), teamed up with Bing earlier this year to predict the winner of the World Cup soccer tournament.

Now, Cortana with the help of Bing can predict the outcome of NFL games. I just asked her who’s going to win Sunday’s game between my team, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Seattle Seahawks.

Her prediction? “Right now, it’s unlikely the Red and Gold will beat the Seahawks. But don’t stop cheering!”

Oh, well, you can’t win ‘em all.