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December 12, 2014

Want 2014 to be your best year ever? #MakeItHappen in 30 seconds.

Remember last New Year’s Eve? A night of fireworks, festive cheer and fizzy-fuelled promises to do something different.

Fast forward eleven and a half months and if you’re anything like the vast majority of the people on the planet, fulfilling your New Year’s resolution is now merely wishful thinking. And with just over three weeks until 2015 kicks into gear, you probably think that time’s now run out. Well, think again because we have recently started to invite the world to share the resolutions they most want to get off their to-do list. For the 31 days of December, we’ll be helping 31 people across the globe turn their self-made promises into an awesome reality.

Dreams do come true

Our first fab five are Chuan Jian, Yap Wai, Tapio, Aleksandra and Tomasz. They all had dreams and aspirations to make 2014 a spectacular, sparkling year to remember. Their resolutions were as varied as the people themselves, from learning to cook better and living healthier to doing something awesome and thanking the people who had helped them the most. Yet they all had one thing in common. Every single one of those resolutions were unfulfilled. That is, until now. So what happened? Simple, they shared their goals for 2014 with us on our #MakeItHappen page.

#MakeItHappen magic

One thing we love best about our Microsoft Lumias is how they enable us to make so many amazing things happen. Whether it’s Skyping on a whim with our family on the other side of the globe, sharing videos of us partying as the sun rises, or learning a new language. The possibilities are literally endless. To celebrate this, we launched the #MakeItHappen campaign. Our aim was to give the countless people out there the chance to turn their resolutions into reality. Since we kicked off at the start of December, we’ve already been inundated with unfulfilled resolutions from across the globe.

Meet the first fab five

Our first fab five, Chuan Jian, Yap Wai, Tapio, Aleksandra and Tomasz, were all armed with Microsoft Lumias to help realise their 2014 aspirations. Whether it’s to use the Microsoft Lumia 830’s awesome video to shoot a surprise meal or Microsoft Office Mobile to make a stressful life more organised and Zen. But that’s not all. Not by a long shot. To see for yourself, check out how we turned their resolutions into reality.


Chuan Jian is getting kitted out in Italian chef whites to be sent on an Italian cooking course. He’s also been given a Microsoft Lumia 830 to record the delicious moment when he surprises his family with his tasty new skills.


No sooner said that done, thanks to a Microsoft Lumia 730 and a ton of Skype credit. Very soon the most important people in Tapio’s life will know just how much they mean to him. Fantastic!


Aleksandra can wave away her stress for the day, thanks to some more #MakeItHappen magic. Yep, this lucky lady will be chillin’ in Moscow’s magnificent Espa spa. What’s more, she’ll be relaxing with a new Microsoft Lumia 830, featuring Microsoft Office Mobile to help her better manage her bustling life.


Ta-dah! What do you get when you add a Microsoft Lumia 730 packed with fitness apps and a fitness boot camp? Tomasz fulfilling his resolution in style, that’s what.


Take Yap-Wai, whose 2014 resolution was simply to live more awesomely. Well, what could be more awesome than visiting Malaysia’s Taman Negara rainforest, which at 130 million years of age, is the oldest on the planet? How about strolling 45 metres above it on Taman Negara’s famous canopy walkway, the longest of its kind in the world? Yap-Wai is guaranteed breathtakingly awesome views. What’s more, when you add a Microsoft Lumia 730 to the mix to enable him to record and share his epic experience, we reckon he’s guaranteed an adventure of a lifetime, too.

As you can see, with #MakeItHappen magic, dreams really can come true. So if you’re one of the millions and millions who need a helping hand to make 2014 a year to remember, what are you waiting for? All it takes is 30 seconds to share your resolution on the #MakeItHappen page and the consequences might just change your life.

Every Friday, until the end of December, we’ll be publishing a round up post here on Lumia Conversations. It will document the stories of people who’ve shared their wishes for 2014. So remember to check in to see who has nailed their resolution. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below, what special something you’ve made happen with your Microsoft Lumia. As ever, we’re all ears.