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December 15, 2014

New Today: BBM App Updated for Windows Phone

The latest version of the free BBM chat and messaging app for Windows Phone 8 and up includes timed messages, message retraction, and stickers!

There are chat and messaging apps, and then there’s BBM, one of the most feature-packed and secure messaging apps out there.

Specially designed for Windows Phone, the official version of the BBM app launched earlier this year with a clean, simple interface and options including group chats, the ability to send images, audio notes and GPS locations, as well as to pin specific chats to your Start screen for instant access.

Now, BBM has gone a step further. The newest version of the app includes:

Timed messages: Control how long your contacts can see your messages and pictures before they disappear from their screens. Here’s a pretty funny video that shows you exactly how timed messages and message retraction can be very useful.

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Message retraction: Remove a message you’ve already sent by retracting it.

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Stickers: Because sometimes, an emoticon is worth 1,000 words–use stickers for every mood to get your point across.

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If you’ve ever accidentally sent a message or photo to the wrong person (yes, I’m guilty of that, too), the message-retraction feature can be a godsend. This and other features give you even more flexibility so you can better craft and control your messages to other BBM users.

BBM also protects your privacy by using PINs instead of phone numbers or email addresses and two-way opt-in. That way, you can control who can contact you as well as how.

And that’s not all. Even more features are coming to BBM for Windows Phone soon to make it an all-in-one messaging app.

Do you use BBM on your Lumia? Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!