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December 16, 2014

Share your memories on Lumia Storyteller’s new site

The Lumia Storyteller app gets an update and a new site where you can share your stories.

We are all natural storytellers. From prehistoric cave art to books to today’s mobile multimedia options, storytelling is how we pass on memories from generation to generation.

We recently went under the hood of the Lumia Storyteller app for Windows Phone 8 to give it a tune-up. Now, the app, which organizes your photos, cinemagraphs and videos by date and location to create a pleasing narrative, has these added functions:

  • A “no music” option on shared stories
  • The ability to select images from local folders, for your story
  • The ability to filter out content e.g. WhatsApp or Instagram images
  • Improved offline support for maps
  • Long-press for context menu (for single images)

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Once you’ve finished creating your story on the new app, you can share your story publicly or privately on our brand-new site, If you choose to publish your story privately, it’s only visible to people who know the story URL. Public stories may be featured on the homepage and they can be found on search engines, too.

Here’s an example story of Fargo celebrating yet another birthday. Yes, Fargo’s a dog.


And how about this succulent steak sandwich?


Of course, you can also share your stories via email, messaging and Facebook. just gives you another visually appealing way to showcase your inspirational, funny, dramatic, celebratory or just plain quirky stories.

So whether you want to share stories of your beach-isle vacation, your 30th birthday party, or your baby’s first steps, Storyteller is an easy and fun way to do so.

Have you tried Lumia Storyteller yet? If you post your stories publicly on, add the link in the comments below so we can check them out and even feature some of them on!