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December 17, 2014

#MakeItHappen moment: Surprise! Home for the Holidays

For all of you who live far from hearth and home, the wistful holiday tune that goes, “I’ll be home for Christmas … if only in my dreams” may ring especially true. But what if that dream could become reality?

This month, Microsoft Lumia is empowering folks to make their 2014 resolutions become a reality with the #MakeItHappen campaign. So far, lots of people around the world have shared their unfulfilled goals here.


One of them who did is Lani, an American who lives in the U.K., thousands of miles away from her parents and hometown of Crystal Lake, Illinois.

For well over a decade, Lani has wanted to go home for Christmas but has not been able to. She’s especially keen to come home this year because she wants her parents to meet her three-year old daughter, Evolet, whom they have never celebrated a Christmas or Birthday with in person.

Lani's resolution

I bet Lani is far from alone. How many times have you promised your family and friends that you’ll be back home for the holidays, only to keep them waiting?

Well, the wait has ended for Lani, Evolet, and Evolet’s grandparents. Watch this video to see how Microsoft Lumia helped #MakeItHappen.

As we countdown to December 31st, several similar resolutions from across the globe have already been fulfilled and many more are on the way.

In fact, Microsoft Lumia commissioned a global survey with 6,000 people and found that one in two people were more likely to stick to their resolution if they publicly shared it online. Read our in-depth story about the survey and the resolutions shared by people around the world here.

Here are some other #MakeItHappen magical moments that have resonated with us. Have you submitted yours?

If you haven’t yet, there is still time. Visit the #MakeItHappen page by December 31 and share your unfulfilled 2014 resolution.

Let Microsoft Lumia #MakeItHappen for you!