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December 19, 2014

Lumia 930 Captures the Icy Underworld

Microsoft helped #MakeItHappen for cave explorer and photographer Robbie Shone, who used the Lumia 930 to document the tight spots of his latest glacier expedition with its amazing low light capabilities.

British born adventure photographer and cave explorer Robbie Shone has travelled the most remote areas of China, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, the Alps and Crete to capture images of the deepest, darkest and longest cave systems ever discovered. Microsoft has helped make his latest descent into the icy unknown of Switzerland’s glaciers happen with the help of the Lumia 930 that allowed Robbie to take stunning low light images in the ice caverns. Robbie’s latest expedition has helped scientists discover more about the movements and growth of these phenomena.


Robbie worked alongside fellow cave photographer Alessio Romeo and the Italian geographical exploration group La Venta, who helped arrange the expedition and spent ten days on the glacier with over 40 other cave explorers, scientists, glaciologists and biologists.


The Lumia 930’s low light capabilities helped Robbie and the team delve deep into small crevices and abseil down sheer ice caps, all without heavy equipment, to take great quality images which documented the science and biology of the Moulin’s and glacier caves as they changed over time.


Robbie comments:

“Working with the Lumia 930 was really enjoyable and it made capturing images in small spaces quite simple. The features on the camera really are great and allowed me to take some beautiful shots in quick succession – ensuring I captured any minor changes from one second to the next.”


Luckily both the Lumia 930 and Robbie made it back in one piece despite the extremely cold conditions which dropped to -20’C, some nights – 30’C.

Pretty ‘chilling’ images don’t you agree?

Lumia 930