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December 31, 2014

Future tense: Bing predicts trends for 2015

From food and fashion to sports and travel, Bing announces the tastes and trends of 2015.

What do these have in common? Beyoncé. Harem pants. Hummus.

Bing predicts that they will all be trendsetters in 2015.

Specifically, Bing predicts that Beyonce’s eponymous album will win the Grammy award for “album of the year,” that harem pants will be a top trend not just in North America but also Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America, and that hummus will be popular as more people will be interested in Middle Eastern food.


In 2014, the Bing Predicts team accurately forecasted the outcome of sports events such as the World Cup and National Football League games. So the team wanted a bigger challenge: What trends will we see in 2015?

“We’ve polished our crystal ball – or rather analyzed search signals, social and cultural signals and more – to uncover emerging trends that will break through in the coming year,” according to the Bing Blog.

Here are a couple of more soon-to-be trends of 2015 according to Bing: Paris will be the second-most popular travel destination for people in North America and Europe while folks around the world will become more interested in home automation–the ability to control your thermostat, appliances or garage doors via your smartphone. And as the icing on the cake, turtlenecks are making a comeback ….

Want to get the full scoop on all of the Bing predictions for 2015? Go here.

Then tell us: Do you agree with the predictions? Why or why not?