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January 4, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

The holidays have come and gone, but the Windows Phone Store still has plenty of gifts for us.

This week was a busy one for many people around the world, with holiday leftovers to eat and a new year to begin. But luckily for us, developers haven’t slowed down in their work. The Windows Store had lots of great new stuff for us to check out, something that we love to do. So read on to find out which marvelous apps and games we’ve decided to kick off 2015 with – we think it’s going to be a great year for app lovers!

Hunger Games: Panem Run

What is it: Hunger Games endless runner game

Why we love it: You’ll have to wait nearly a year for the next Hunger Games film, but you can get your fix in the meantime with this entertaining endless runner game in which you run through Panem, bolstering hope throughout the Districts. Explore the Districts while collecting sparks and resources, jumping and smashing obstacles, and empowering others. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Who it’s perfect for: Hunger Games fans

Hunger Games Panem Run

Perfect Note

What is it: an organization app

Why we love it: Perfect Note is an organization app that can help you keep track of to-do lists, tasks, and work projects. With a clean design and intuitive interface, Perfect Note has the standard organization features such as task list creation, progress tracking, and sharing, as well as a number of useful features like password protection, the option to pin to start with a countdown reminder, and OneDrive backup.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone that could use a hand getting organized

Perfect Note



What is it: a sports streaming app

Why we love it: WatchESPN lets sports fans keep up with their favorite teams and watch anytime, anywhere. The app offers live-streaming access to thousands of games and events on the ESPN networks such as NBA, MLB, and college football. You’ll need to be subscribed to a cable provider that offers ESPN to enjoy this app, but other than that, WatchESPN is free.

Who it’s perfect for: Sports fans



Wolfram Alpha Course Assistant

What is it: course assistants for high school and college math

Why we love it: We’re big fans of the Wolfram Alpha app that was released in November, which makes data and computational knowledge fun to explore. The newly released course assistants focus on 7 different math courses to supplement your lessons at school or help you to brush up on long-forgotten math skills. Currently offered are Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, and Statistics. These technically count as 7 apps rather than 1, but who can choose between Algebra and Calculus?

Who it’s perfect for: students

Wolfram Course Assistant


Clock O’ Matic

What is it: an all-purpose time app

Why we love it: Clock O’ Matic takes the Android 5.0 Lollipop Clock Experience and mixes it up with the awesomeness of Windows Phone, resulting in one cool and useful app. Some functions include clock, world clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm, all of which work offline. There’s also tons of features, so check it out in the Store to see what it has to offer.

Who it’s perfect for: ex-Android users

Clock O Matic


Are these fantastic five a great start to the new year or what? Let us know what you think below, and as always, if you’ve discovered a cool new app this week, please do share with the rest of us.

Image credit: Nicolas Vigier