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January 6, 2015

Video: Bigger, but not better à la Cortana!

In the latest showdown between Cortana and Siri, we find out that size isn’t everything.

In this video featuring the new Lumia 830, watch what happens when Cortana and Siri exchange “pleasantries.”

Note: No feelings were hurt during the making of this video:

For those of you who use Cortana, your virtual personal assistant available with Windows Phone 8.1, you know she can help you with everything from scheduling meetings to finding the best directions to your destination.

She’s also fun: Cortana can flip a coin for you, sing songs, even crack jokes. Originally in the US, with beta versions following in the UK and China, the latest Denim update will make Cortana available in other countries attending to your requests.

The message: Don’t just be big, be better at what you do, like Cortana.