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January 11, 2015

Around the world in 80 Lumias: India

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most artistic materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!”

If Mark Twain, one of the history’s greatest writers said this, it’s no wonder that Lumia lover Husain Ujjainwala from Mumbai agrees. “I could keep on bragging about India and its uniqueness but it is something worth visiting and experiencing,” he explains. In our latest, Around the World in 80 Lumias, the talented photographer, designers and good friend of Lumia Conversations, showcases the colourful life of a Lumia device in Mumbai. Over to you, Husain.

aroundtheworldin80daysWhich Lumia do you use at the moment and what do you like best about it?

I have the amazing Lumia 1020 and as I said before I love everything about it. From its design to UI to unbeatable camera quality.

Whereabouts in India do you live and what is your everyday environment like?

I live in the suburbs of Mumbai. Everyday starts with a new challenge yet environment around me is always relaxing. I usually end up doing a lot of stuffs in single day than I had prepared for.

What do you do for work (or study)? How does your Lumia help you in that?

I graduated this year and do lot of stuffs, from graphic designing to visual effects artist to freelance photography, just because I’m still figuring out what to hold on. Honestly, I don’t know how would I survive even a day without my Lumia. From making key notes to keeping a track of the events and not to forget how it makes me reach the unknown destinations without getting lost. It pretty much does everything.

How do you describe a typical day with your Lumia, from morning ‘til night? Could you describe five apps that make the Lumia indispensable for you?

Every day is quite different to me. As I said before I do lot of stuffs so I have make a note of tasks I’m going to do that day. Sometimes it’s delivering a design and other days it is just roaming on the streets with my camera to capture those perfect moments. These are the some amazing apps I can’t live without  Firstly, Lumia Camera: When I say I do freelance Photography, a good part of it is done with my Phone and we all know the potential of Lumia Camera app. So I’ll skip the detail.

I also use OneNote, to make detailed notes. It also sync with my windows desktop which is quite helpful at times. On top of that I love OneDrive. I’d have to buy a couple of hard drives if I didn’t had Onedrive. And the fact that it syncs with my windows desktop so I just have to download the files and start working on it. I think HereMaps is the the best app ever made. I no longer worry to walk into an unknown lane and get lost. I just head to the roadtrips without carrying maps or compass. Its offline support is incredible. Finally Skype, sometimes a video call with the clients to help understanding the details better.

What would you most like to showcase to other Lumia lovers about your country?

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Language and food changes over every few miles here. It is one of the countries having the most number of tourist spots. Every state has its own tourist attractions. While there are lakes, desserts, forests, monuments, museums, temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras, beaches and mountains to be seen and visited, there are many art forms, like sculpture, dance and music that are indigenous to India. Also Indian food is loved by most people across the globe. What I would have really like to showcase is one of the pride of India – Taj Mahal but sadly I haven’t been there yet, hoping to visit it soon. I could keep on bragging about India and its uniqueness but it is something worth visiting and experiencing.


A Sunday evening at the famous gateway of India and Hotel Taj at the right.


Beautiful day at one of the hill stations near Mumbai.


A busy day at the Mumbai metro, which I sometimes take to work.


Morning walk in National park during winters are just so refreshing. 


Mumbai Skyline. People don’t believe when I say this is shot from a Lumia.


One of the most famous bridges in Mumbai called the Bandra-Worli sea link.

What is the local Lumia community like in India and how are you involved in it? What places or websites would you recommend to Lumia lovers wanting to meet likeminded people?

It’s great to see more and more people have started accepting Windows Phone OS. I see a lot more people now with the colourful lumias in their hands. I made some very good friends in my City through Instagram who use Lumias and now we hang out every weekend. What better place to meet and learn than at Lumia Conversations?

We couldn’t agree more! And what better place to come to learn more about the awesome worldwide community of Lumia lovers, as Husain has so wonderful demonstrated. We’ve certainly gained a great insight into incredible India, but what about you? Let us know in the comments below.