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January 13, 2015

Ten reasons you’ll want the Nokia 215

The newly announced Nokia 215 is perfect for both first-time mobile phone buyers and those wanting a second phone. Need convincing? We’ve got 10 reasons why you’d want one.



1. The Nokia 215 is Internet-ready

As an entry-level phone you may think that the Nokia 215 doesn’t have any Internet capabilities. But it does.

That means that you can browse the Web using Bing Search or Opera Mini Browser, monitor the weather using the MSN Weather app, connect with your friends on the preinstalled Facebook and Messenger apps, and check out millions upon millions of tweets via Twitter.

2. Ready and charged when you need it

If you require a phone to stay charged for days at a time, the Nokia 215 Single SIM can last up to 29 days (almost a month) and the Nokia 215 Dual SIM can keep going for up to 21 days (three weeks). Imagine only charging your phone once a month!

3. One phone, two SIMs

Speaking of Dual SIM, the Nokia 215 Dual SIM variant means that if you have two SIM cards, you only need to carry one phone with you.

Why may you need two SIMs? Perhaps you use one for work purposes and the other for your personal line. Or, you have SIM for you and the other is for another member of your family. It all depends on your circumstances and needs.

4. Non-stop music

If you’re into music, the Nokia 215 includes an FM radio that you can play for up to 45 hours. That’s almost two days!

If you prefer to have more control over your tunes, the built-in MP3 player provides up to 50 hours of playback.

Do you know how many songs you can play in 50 hours? Well, if the average song is roughly 3 minutes long, you’d be able to listen to 1,000 songs in 50 hours.

5. Memory

Where can you store all those songs that you’re going to listen to hour after hour? The Nokia 215 has a MicroSD slot with support of up to 32 GB, that’s where.


6. Light up the night

Whether you’re searching for the door keys in your bag after a night out, trying to find the right path home in the middle of nowhere, or simply trying to read a book after a power outage, the Nokia 215’s handy built-in torch makes doing all of those things, and more, easier.

7. Designed to last

Like all of our previous (and future, of course) phones, the Nokia 215 is built to last.

Not only does the bright green, white, and black polycarbonate shell retain its color when scratched, the phone’s soft rubber keys are hardy and easy to use. The 215 simply feels great in the palm of your hand.


8. Simple sharing

Sharing is an important part of everyday life, and the Nokia 215 makes it easy to send content such as photos or contacts via Bluetooth 3.0 thanks to SLAM technology.

Just bring the two phones together to send or receive files.

9. Say cheese!

Even at the entry level, it’s possible to have a camera phone.

Take photos or record video of your friends, family, pets, landscapes, or absolutely anything else you can think of.

10. All of this for an affordable price

The Nokia 215 will cost just $29 before taxes and subsidies when it goes on sale, rolling out first in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe in the first quarter of 2015.

Nokia 215