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January 16, 2015

Lumia Denim: using Live Folders on your Lumia

How about putting all your favorite games or frequently used apps in one place, as in a single icon on your Lumia?

The latest Lumia Denim update brings the Live Folders feature that lets you achieve this more quickly.


We know you have been a great fan of App Folder and have been using it to organize your Start Screen all this while. But using Live Folders to further de-clutter your screen goes one step further.

So let’s tidy up your screen! Before you start creating folders, you might want to pin the desired apps to the Start screen.

Once you are done, follow these steps:

1. To make a folder, you’ll need at least two apps to put in the folder. A good way to group together your most-used apps or according to category.

2. On the Start screen, tap and hold the app tile.

3. Tap and long-press one app tile until all app tiles on the screen start moving.

live folders

4. Drag one app tile onto the other. When you notice the first app tile merging into the second one, tap anywhere outside the screen. This will create the folder.

5. A folder will pop up displaying the app tiles you have selected. If you want to add more apps to the folder, drag the app tile from the Start screen into this area.

6. Give the folder a name by long-pressing the top band of the folder and typing a description.

7. One the folder is created, you can rename it, move it anywhere on the screen, resize it, and even add or remove apps.

8. If you want to delete a folder, just drag all the app tiles out of it and remove them by unpinning them individually.

Have you tried Live Folders? How do you like to organize your apps?