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January 18, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

The Windows Phone Store has been growing at a rapid rate recently, which is great news for all of us app lovers.

Every week we have more and more wonderful apps and games to choose from. It might make it more difficult to name only five favorites when there’s such a great selection, but we say the more, the merrier when it comes to quality apps. Read on to see what we chose for you this week, and happy apping!

Remember to Drink

What is it: an app that reminds you to stay hydrated

Why we love it: It may seem like an unnecessary app, but many of us aren’t actually drinking enough water. Remember to drink is a good option for people that are trying to increase their water intake but have trouble staying on schedule. The app tailors its suggested intake to fit you based on factors like weight and gender, and encourages you on your journey to adequate hydration with the use of a cute cartoon water droplet.

Who it’s perfect for: fans of hydration

Remember to drink



What is it: a battery management app

Why we love it: BatteryGuru records data every minute instead of every 30 minutes like most other battery apps, meaning that it can create more accurate data predictions. This way you know exactly when your phone will turn off or when your phone will be fully charged, get graphed data and detailed usage data, and get notified when your battery is low. It also has several live tiles to choose from for more customization.

Who it’s perfect for: people that want to keep an eye on their battery usage




Pandora (update)

What is it: a popular music streaming app

Why we love it: Pandora recently added three big updates that have made it even better than before. You can use a number of new voice commands to control the app. For example, to play a new song just say “Pandora play (song of your choice)”. A new sleep timer will let you drift away to your favorite music, and recommended stations can help you find new music. The app is unfortunately only available in select countries.

Who it’s perfect for: music lovers



8-Bit Weather

What is it: a weather app in the style of classic 80s video games

Why we love it: Most weather apps tend to be a bit boring, so we love the fact that 8-Bit Weather takes a useful app and adds a fun and creative twist. In addition to old school pixelated graphics, you’ll get up-to-date weather info such as hourly updates or 7 day forecasts. One downside is the lack of a live tile option, but we think the retro look and nostalgia feeling you’ll get is worth it.

Who it’s perfect for: 80s kids

8-Bit Weather



What is it: a puzzle/active tower defense game

Why we love it: Gunhouse is an interesting take on tower defense games in which you need to prepare your defensive guns by swiping and matching blocks for combos within a certain time and then launch bullets and special attacks at your enemies. The art style is eye-catching and colorful, the gameplay is fun and addictive, and it’s free. As a bonus, the music is composed by Fez composer Disasterpeace.

Who it’s perfect for: gamers that are looking for something a little different



Did this week’s fab five do it for you? Let us know in the comments what you think of our choices, or let us about one of your own favorites if you’ve found something in the store that simply must be shared.