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January 20, 2015

Brain box: 5 Windows Phone developers making you cleverer

Have you ever wished you could boost your IQ by playing your favorite games?

While it sounds nice, unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. Scientists haven’t exactly made a final decision on whether or not “brain training” games have any substantial effects on IQ. However, there are tons of fun games out there that just might help to make you a bit more clever while giving you hours of brainy entertainment.

We’ve rounded up 5 Windows Phone developers that have been busy as bees creating games that they say can exercise various parts of your brain – and even if they can’t instantly raise your IQ to genius-level numbers, they’re guaranteed to give you a good mental workout (and it doesn’t hurt that they’re fun to play!)

Polyhegrams by LateNight Apps

What is it: Polyhegrams is a word puzzle game in 3D that is both fun and challenging. The game will give you a hint and you need to solve the puzzle by rotating the virtual die and selecting the correct letters. With both solo mode and multiplayer, Polyhegrams offers 1000s of puzzles to keep both your brain and your fingers busy.

Who developed it: Polyhegrams was developed by LateNight Apps, a project of Rob Currie. On the game’s blog, Rob writes that “This game is a culmination of far-too many late nights designing, developing and drawing during my spare time. It has been the repository for all my creativity since I started this project well over a year ago.” If you’ve ever been curious about the in and outs of developing an app solo, Rob’s blog is an interesting read.

Brainy benefits: Word knowledge, dexterity, and 3D spatial relations



Worldly by Supergonk

What is it: Worldy is a geography game that will have you traveling the globe, testing your knowledge of countries, cities, and a variety of other worldly topics like flags and currency. You can choose from several different game modes and difficulty levels, so there’s fun to be had for even the most seasoned travelers.

Who developed it: Worldly was developed by Supergonk, a United Kingdom-based independent video game developer. Supergonk’s founder Ben Ward knows a thing or two about making great games, having worked on hits such as Geometry Wars and Capitals Quizzer in the past.

Brainy benefits: Improved geography skills and response time



IQ Friends by IQ Improvement Institute.

What is it: IQ Friends is a brain-training app that offers a number of different exercises that will work various aspects of your brain while still being fun to play. The games are short, making them perfect time-fillers, and the variety will ensure that they don’t become monotonous. IQ Friends has a social aspect, letting you track your IQ Index and challenge friends.

Who developed it: IQ Friends was developed by the IQ Improvement Institute, designed by a team of neuropsychologists in order to strengthen your mental muscle. Their studies suggest that you can improve certain cognitive functions by playing games that target specific parts of the brain.

Brainy benefits: memory, speed, logic, numerical, flexibility and visual perception

IQ Friends


Trivia Crack by Etermax

What is it: Trivia Crack has recently taken the world by storm, so there’s a good chance that you’re already playing this one. But just in case you aren’t and you’d like an app to help you brush up on trivia and general knowledge, give it a try. The game has over 100,000 questions in 6 categories – Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History – so there’s plenty for you to learn.

Who developed it: Trivia Crack was developed by Etermax, a game company based in Argentina. Etermax has developed other brainy games such as Aworded and Word Crack, favorites of word game fans everywhere.

Brainy benefits: memory and trivia

Trivia Crack


IQ Safe by Atar Games

What is it: IQ Safe helps you to become a pro safe-cracker by challenging you with 1000s of IQ Safes to crack in cities all over the world. The game involves both logic and luck, so you’ll need to be on your toes to solve the puzzles correctly.

Who developed it: IQ Safe was developed by Atar Games, a game company that creates mind and skill games for both mobile phones and printed magazines. Founder Ophir Atar says “The thing that is so special and unique about our game is that there is something in it for everyone. The levels vary, starting from very easy and ending in very complicated. It is for this reason that the game really turns into a family game.”

Brainy benefits: exercise your logic and problem-solving skills

IQ Safe


There you have it, 5 brilliant developers that are using their brains to help you use yours. Let us know in the comments what you think of these games, and be sure to give them each a try – your brain will thank you.

image credit: Allan Ajifo