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January 22, 2015

Lumia Denim: share only what you want to with Apps Corner

The Apps Corner feature that comes with Lumia Denim lets you share your Lumia smartphone with friends and family while also restricting their access to your digital information.


Start Screen without the Apps Corner and with Apps Corner launched

There may be times when you need to lend out your Lumia, which means you may want to set up a custom Start screen showing only a limited number of apps and features.

For example, you may want to hide your personal details like SMS, photos or even notes when you hand your mobile to a colleague.

Apps Corner let you specify which apps to display by offering you a special, protected Start Screen—and thereby controlling access by restricting some apps and features.

apps corner big copy

Besides personal use, Apps Corner could be useful to companies whose employees need Lumia smartphones to perform business tasks such as tracking inventory or to schools that lend students Lumia devices to help them better learn.

Here’s how to set up Apps Corner:

  1. Tap Start, then select Settings and choose Apps Corner.
  2. Tap Apps and select the apps you wish others to have access and then tap Done.
  3. To ensure people don’t access your Start screen from Apps Corner, set a lock screen password by selecting ‘Protect my phone with a password’ from within Apps Corner.apps corner 2 copy
  4. You can also turn on or off Action Center and Settings depending on whether you want people to use these features.
  5. To restrict further access, you can select the Advanced option and turn these features on or off — Camera buttonSearch buttonStart buttonBack button, and Modify Tiles.
  6. Press the Back  button once you are through.
  7. You’re done–you have a personalized Start screen should you hand your Lumia to anyone.

Now that you’ve set up Apps Corner, don’t forget to pin the Apps Corner tile to your Start screen.

To exit Apps Corner, press and hold the Power  button, and then swipe right to close.

What do you think of this feature? Let us know how you deal with people who wish to fiddle with your colorful Lumia!