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January 22, 2015

Rich capture your life with Lumia Denim

If you are an owner of the Lumia 830*, Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 or Lumia Icon, the Lumia Denim update brings you an updated Lumia Camera with fast start-up and capture speeds and the latest imaging innovations that help you capture the best shot. Every time.

We’ve already showed you what you can do with Moment Capture – one of the new features that come with Lumia Camera, allowing you to shoot high-definition video and high-quality images quickly and easily.

But there is also Rich Capture, giving you auto HDR (High Dynamic Range), Dynamic Flash and Dynamic Exposure to really simplify the picture taking process. With Rich Capture, you can shoot first, and edit and select the best shot later.

Let’s do a quick walk through on how Rich Capture works in practice.

Set the scene

Set the flash to auto mode (recommended) and enable the Rich Capture feature by selecting the magic wand within the Lumia Camera app. And then let the camera do the rest!


With Rich Capture switched on, the camera adapts to the scene and captures and merges multiple images simultaneously with auto HDR and dynamic flash and exposure settings. This means that the camera will select the best settings for you so that you’ll get the best possible picture. And the great thing is you can adjust the settings after you’ve taken the image.


To do that, select the image you’ve taken with Rich Capture from the Camera Roll and activate the editing options by touching anywhere in the image and selecting “Edit Rich Capture”. Depending on the scene and the settings applied by the camera, you’ll either get Dynamic Flash, Dynamic Exposure or HDR editing options.

Dynamic Flash

The Dynamic Flash feature captures images automatically with and without flash, allowing you to decide how to remember the scene by choosing the amount of flash used in the shot, after it has been taken.



In situations where you are shooting a high-contrast scene with a lot of light and dark areas, the auto HDR kicks in. The HDR captures all the details, and allows you to create a more dramatic effect by blending multiple images with different exposure levels.


Dynamic Exposure

If you find yourself in low-light scenes and you have the flash off, the Dynamic Exposure automatically captures a short and long exposure image, allowing you to dynamically blend the two exposures afterwards.

*Lumia 830 can rich capture too

If you have a Lumia 830 and want to make the most of the latest Lumia Camera features, you need to get an additional over-the-air update of the Lumia Denim software, which came pre-installed on your phone. The new Lumia Camera application with Rich capture will be automatically installed with the over-the-air update.

We’re actively rolling out the Lumia Denim update and you can check the availability for your country and operator here.