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January 26, 2015

Lumia screens explained: Glance, Lock, Start and App List

Glance screen, Lock screen, Start screen, and App List–what do they all mean? For anybody new to the Windows Phone family and Lumia, this brief explanation should help clear things up.

While your Lumia smartphone may have just one display, what’s shown on the screen can and will change as you use it.

Glance screen


Exclusive to Lumia*, Glance Screen when activated is the top layer you’ll encounter. It’s designed to offer minimal yet useful information to your screen while not taking up huge amount of resources such as battery life.

Glance screen can show the time and date, any missed calls, emails received, calendar entries, as well as weather updates, a lock screen photo and health and fitness data**.

Glance screen also includes a night mode that automatically dims your screen between the times selected by you.

Lock screen


Once you move away from the Glance screen you come to the Lock screen, which is a more detailed screen.

The Lock screen shows much the same amount of data as the glance screen, albeit in more color and detail.

A glossy image is displayed, whether that be one of your photos or a new daily image provided by Bing, and you’ll also see the signal status, notification icon and battery icon at the top of the lock screen.

It’s also the place where you enter your Lock screen password, if you have one, by swiping the Lock screen upwards.

Once you’ve entered your password (if you have one) you come to the …

Start screen


This is where you’ll spend most of your time.

On the Start screen, you can pin favorite apps such as Skype, Instagram, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Candy Crush Saga, your email inboxes, and of course the essentials: SMS, phone dialler, and calendar.

Every Start screen is different and how you set it up depends on what you’re interested in. Your Start screen is as individual as you are.

With 20 different accent colors (available in Settings) to choose from, you’ll find a color that matches your mood or personality. Alternatively, take advantage of the various Start screen backgrounds for extra-personalization.

The App list


New apps or games that you download won’t be placed on the Start screen right away; you may not want them there. Instead, everything installed on your Lumia is found in the App List in alphabetical order.

Want to pin one of those apps to your Start screen? Simply press and hold on the item and select “pin to start.”

Armed with these basics, start personalizing your Lumia today.

*With supporting hardware, such as Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520, and Lumia 830, Lumia 532.

**Lumia Denim required.