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January 27, 2015

5 endless runner games recommended by the developer of Pirates Don’t Run

If you’re a fan of endless runner games, then you know that nothing else can give you that special mixed feeling of determination, frustration, and satisfaction. And if there’s someone that knows all about endless runner games, it’s Lasse Liljedahl.

Lasse Liljedahl is one of the developers of Pirates Don’t Run, one of the most popular endless runner games available in the Windows Phone Store, in which you must run to escape hordes of undead pirates. If you haven’t played it just yet, Pirates Don’t Run is more than just an endless runner – it includes a beautifully-crafted digital comic book that shines a little light on why pirates do, in fact, run, as well as a series of mystery-solving collectable cards that you can find throughout the game. Lasse tells us that “The inspiration was to create an endless runner and combine it with another passion of mine: storytelling. The motivation was to do a game with unique content, which is different from any other game in the genre.” In addition to the smooth gameplay and the eye-catching comic style art, the storytelling aspect of Pirates Don’t Run works to create something that’s not only addictive to play, but new and fresh.


Lasse has been developing games since the late 90s as a hobby and professionally since 2007, and says he’s worked with some of his current colleagues for the past 15 years. His role in creating Pirates Don’t Run was game design, storytelling, and 3D artwork and he says that the team cooperates in a way he’s never seen anywhere else. “With each project we can try something new and enhance things we’ve felt that have worked in the past. This kind of work keeps things fresh and every project interesting,” he tells us.


So then, which endless runner games does a developer with a top game under his belt recommend? Over to you, Lasse.

Benji Bananas

What is it: Sidescrolling endless runner with beautiful graphics, good attitude and great gameplay. This game is not monkey business.

Why I love it: Funny theme, hilarious music and hypnotically flowing gameplay brings brightness in you while playing this game. Very polished game no matter how you look at it.

Who it’s perfect for: Anyone who can enjoy a well-made game with a cartoony approach. This does not even feel like an endless runner compared to other games in the genre.

Benji Bananas


Wings on Fire

What is it: When you combine endless runners with old school shoot ’em ups and add airplanes, you get Wings on Fire.

Why I love it: Great combination of two game genres working perfectly together. Also, vertical motion and shooting incoming enemies adds a nice extra touch into gameplay.

Who it’s perfect for: Gamers like me who have played these kinds of games since the 90s, and people who don’t mind feeling some nostalgia every now and then.

Wings of Fire


Angry Gran Run

What is it: A game that does not take itself too seriously. This is the thing that separates it from the other endless runners.

Why I love it: When things in the game make you laugh, it’s always a sign of a good game. Also, constant theme updates keeps things fresh and makes you go back to play the game.

Who it’s perfect for: People who don’t want only serious competition, but also like to mess around and have fun occasionally.

Angry Gran Run


Temple Run

What is it: You can’t talk about endless runners without mentioning the original Temple Run that
virtually made the whole genre popular. This is the first game to have great gameplay combined with randomly generated roads and ever-hardening difficulty.

Why I love it: Even though there are no extra features in this game, the gameplay is great and difficulty well balanced, which makes the game still one of the best endless runners.

Who it’s perfect for: Everyone who wants to see endless runner at its purest form and can respect a good gameplay.

Temple Run


AE 3D Moto – The Lost City

What is it: Endless runner with motorcycles and gameplay that gives a sense of speed and tight spots like no other endless game with vehicles on wheels.

Why I love it: Smooth gameplay, changing traffic, immersion of speed combined. When you crash it makes you angry enough to try again, but without frustration is a sign of a good game.

Who it’s perfect for: Sometimes it’s nice to take it easy with Angry Gran, but it’s also great to go full speed in the middle of heavy traffic and just survive a few extra seconds.

AE 3D Moto – The Lost City


Five great endless runner games that are guaranteed to keep you busy swiping and jumping in glee, from someone who knows best. Let us know in the comments what you think of Lasse’s choices, and be sure to check out Pirates Don’t Run if you haven’t already.