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January 28, 2015

The 10 cleverest Lumia shots of the month

Sharing your #lumialove with the world, you clicked some fabulous landscape shots over the past month. Here’s what caught our eye.

Whether you have a Lumia 830 or have been making full use of your trustworthy Lumia 1020, the amazing camera in your Lumia device never lets you miss a perfect moment.

We start this month’s compilation of landscape images with this surreal photo captured with a Lumia 830 by @misterzaj. It’s like a painting, don’t you agree?

monika_smolak captures Poland’s snow-kissed mountains in this double exposure shot clicked with her Lumia.

Witness a cold winter day at the summit of Mt. Kit Carson in Spokane, Washington. Josh Brown-White captured this shot on a Lumia 1020. Sea of clouds, anyone?

Nocathegoat ‏ captures this mysterious shot with the Lumia 735.

miikkalemstrom bids farewell to Stockholm and Sweden with this great shot clicked with his Lumia 930.

Farewell #Stockholm #Sweden! Until next time!

A photo posted by Miikka Lemström (@miikkalemstrom) on

This Italian panorama by Giuseppe Barino captures the Umbria valley fabulously. Shot on his Lumia 1020, he hopes for us to experience the same emotion that bedazzled him.

Chen Yue shows us the Wenzhou Bai Luzhou Park and spreads the #China wind with his “blind shot” captured with a Lumia 1020. The uniform huts on both sides lead us into the city of skyscrapers.

vellyafonso capturing the heavenly sunrise in Goa, India. Shot with a Lumia, he calls it the #heavenopened.

“I’m so lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely, I have nobody for my own.” The familiar lines from Akon’s song “Lonely” are visually reproduced in this shot clicked with a Lumia 1520 by Amir Darafsheh. The lone tree stands tall in the wintry snowfall.

Here, David Plunkett shows us his black-and-white version of a vivid spring day shot with a Lumia 930.

There you have it, another 10 clever Lumia photos! Which is your favorite?

Feel free to share your own creations in the comments below. If you’re using social media, tag them with #Lumialove or #ShotOnMyLumia so that we can find them easily.

Image credit: Yoppy