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January 28, 2015

Transfer files wirelessly from your Lumia to your PC

Do you have a large amount of photos and videos stored on your Lumia? Here’s how you can make space on your Lumia without plugging in your data cable.

lumia share

You could use Bluetooth to transfer files. That’s still the preferred way for some, but that requiressynchronizing your device to your laptop or PC, ensuring that the drivers for the PC are properly installed and finally selecting files to “send via Bluetooth.”

Why do all of this when you have Wi-Fi support?

So have a look at these apps to wirelessly manage your photos, songs and videos between your Lumia smartphone and computer via Wi-Fi. You don’t need to plug anything into your laptop or PC. No installation or drivers required!

Lumia Share

What’s a better way to show off your photos from your Lumia smartphone than on your Lumia tablet?

Download the Lumia Share app on your Lumia smartphone, open Lumia Storyteller on the tablet and connect to the phone. Once that is done, you will be able to see all your pictures on your tablet seamlessly.

Don’t forget to ensure that both devices are using the same Wi-Fi network.

Easy Transfer

easy transfer

Just like its name, Easy Transfer lets you transfer your files via Wi-Fi in just a few steps. Tap the app and it directs you to input the web server address into your PC’s web browser. No code or password required. After the Wi-Fi connection gets established, you can view the “Photo, Music and Video” folders from your Lumia on your PC’s browser window.

The process of uploading and downloading works seamlessly and it doesn’t take long. We downloaded photos from our Lumia 830 to a laptop and uploaded image files from a laptop to the Lumia 830 and the results were pleasing.

Ensure that you have the Easy Transfer app open on your Lumia and the Easy Transfer web browser window on your PC or laptop while moving files or the connection may fail.

The unique feature of this app is that it can also play your music and video in your browser wirelessly.

Flyer Files flyer files

Unlike its compatriots, the Flyer Files app requires an additional code to be keyed on your PC or laptop. Once your Lumia and the PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and you have established a connection, head to the app.

The app’s main screen “Connection” shows the web server address that needs to be entered while the “Folders” screen shows the files the app can access, like pictures, music, videos, documents, downloads, and ringtones. Tap and select the folders you want to transfer files from. Once you’ve added the folders, go to the web browser of your PC or laptop to download or upload files.

The unique feature of Flyer Files is the ability to prevent the screen from being locked while transferring files. To do this, select “Configurations” and turn this feature on or off depending on your requirements.

And of course, we must mention OneNote. It’s our go-to place for scribbling, storing and reviewing our thoughts and images. OneNote not only saves all your musings, but also files them as important documents.

OneNote not only lets you access your stuff but also seamlessly saves it in the cloud whenever you sync or back-up your smartphone over Wi-Fi.

How do you transfer files between your Lumia and your laptop? Share with us if you know more.