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January 29, 2015

5 exciting ways Microsoft helped bloggers #MakeItHappen in 2014

Henry David Thoreau, the renowned author, once famously said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

makeithappenDream a little dream

Let’s face it, we’d all love to do that and, thankfully, research has shown that it’s more likely to happen if we share our goals. So, last December, Microsoft Lumia challenged people to do that publicly online and #MakeItHappen. Thousands of people answered the call and for the 31 days of December, Microsoft Lumia empowered and inspired 31 people to make their dreams a reality. But it didn’t end there, not by a long shot. We wanted to spread our can-do philosophy even further, so we got in touch with bloggers worldwide and offered them a Lumia to inspire them to #MakeitHappen, too. Just like the guys and girls who took part in our original campaign, they came up with some amazing goals.

Travel right

Most of us love to travel. No surprise then that many of those we approached dreamed of visiting new places. Nataliia Grytsuk, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, was eager to capture the fabulous style and fashion of Amsterdam. So, Microsoft Lumia sent her on an incredible adventure to the Venice of the North along with Valentine Vanesse, a French lifestyle blogger, who’d always wanted to learn about the city’s famed bike culture. As you can see from the photo, thanks to Microsoft Lumia, her lucky readers got to experience her amazing journey too.



Minds matter

Our bloggers, however, didn’t just want to expand their worldview. Plenty were also keen to expand their minds. Travel blogger FanFan Wilson has had a thing against creepy crawlies all her life. To help her overcome that fear Microsoft Lumia sent her to a bug-infested Brunei jungle. With her Lumia 930 in hand, she climbed to the top of the jungle canopy and recorded this astonishing view.

Another travel blogger, Jestem Kasia from Poland, was keen to master Swedish and then practice her new skills on Swedes themselves. The photos she shared on Instagram beautifully showcase the Lumia’s amazing camera and the wonders of the Swedish capital. Last but not least, Irene Colzi, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Italy, wanted to get fitter and healthier. Thanks to apps like FitBit and Runtastic she’s well on the way to living the life she imagined.


As you can see, Microsoft Lumia has made a ton of dreams come true across the world in 2014. Whether it was about reuniting long separated families for Christmas or helping a groom give the speech of his life at his wedding in Mexico, we showed that with a Lumia at hand you really can #MakeItHappen. To see more for yourself, why not head on over to the #MakeItHappen page. And if you’ve got any resolutions that your Lumia helped fulfill, share them with the world down below.