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January 30, 2015

Wireless Charging Plate winners

When we wrapped up our “best Lumia gear of 2014,” we ended the story with a competition for three readers to win a Wireless Charging Plate. It’s time to reveal the winners.

To win one of the three wireless charging plates, your task was simple: Tell us which was your favorite gear of 2014 and why.


Our first winner is Adam Earnshaw, with his favorite accessory being the Portable Wireless Speaker.

“Went camping earlier this year and stuck mine to the bonnet of the car. Kicked out some fantastic bass.”


We have to picture what that speaker would sound (and look) like stuck to the front of your car, but we imagine that’d give off some serious bass. Nice use of the Portable Wireless Speaker!

Our second winner is Morteza Akbari for his desire for a Microsoft Band. He wants one so much that he’s drawn one onto his wrist.


While we haven’t got a Microsoft Band to give you, we do have a Wireless Charging Plate instead.

Our third and final winner is Thunderlane for his or her favorite accessory.

“I simply looooove my Treasure Tag! I haven’t lost my keys in 6 months now, a new personal record! It is especially fun now that I can use it as a remote shutter for my camera.”


Congrats on not losing your keys, that’s precisely what the Treasure Tag is for and we’re thrilled it’s stopped you from losing them.

We’ll be contacting all the winners shortly and will ship them each a Wireless Charging Plate. Thanks so much again for participating in the contest and for your almost 400 comments!