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February 1, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

It might be cold outside, but things in the Windows Phone Store are heating up.

And we have the proof. This week we have a fine selection of five new apps and updates, carefully chosen just for you. There are three new releases that we think are worth a look and two updates to much-loved favorites, that range from navigation help to having instant access to weather updates. Read on to find out what we’ve selected as our five favorite new apps of the week.


What is it: a GPS navigation app

Why we love it: Sygic, which already has over 75 million users, has finally been made available for Windows Phone. The app offers several “forever free” features like GPS, offline TomTom maps, point of interest, route planning and free map updates and is available in many countries around the world. If you want features such as 3D maps, turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, lane guidance and speed limit warnings, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium, which unfortunately can cost a pretty penny. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth the price.

Who it’s perfect for: Drivers around the world



Mega Privacy

What is it: cloud storage service

Why we love it: The official version of Mega has been released after being in beta. You can view, store, download, copy, move, and delete files, as well as share files and folders. You’ll get 50 GB of space to start with and have the option to pay for an upgrade.

Who it’s perfect for: people that need to store files

Mega Privacy


Tetra Lockscreen (update)

What is it: a lock screen app

Why we love it: Tetra Lockcreen, released a few months ago as part of Microsoft Garage, lets you customize your lock screen by including a personal agenda, current location marker, activity tracker, or stopwatch. The new update adds weather info to that list, with an option to display local weather and a 3-day forecast. The app is still only available in the US.

Who it’s perfect for: lock screen customizers

Tetra Lockscreen



What is it: the official NPR audio app

Why we love it: National Public Radio has released the official app for Windows Phone that connects you to a stream of public radio news and stories curated just for you. The app is universal and well-made, with a clean interface. Features include a personalized stream of NPR and local station news and stories, options to skip, rewind, pause and share, and search for shows, stations, and podcasts.

Who it’s perfect for: people that want to listen to the latest news and stories



Viber (update)

What is it: a free messaging app

Why we love it: Viber lets you call, text, and send photo messages to Viber users worldwide. The new update adds the much-needed option to block numbers of your choice. The update also includes new emoticons, notifications of new messages in chats, and improved performance.

Who it’s perfect for: people that want to stay in touch with friends and family



We’re pleased with what we found, but what do you think of this week’s selection? Let us know in the comments, and as always, let us know about any of your own new favorites.