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February 15, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Love is surely in the air this week, because we’re loving all of the tantalizing new apps appearing in the Windows Phone Store.

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and romance, but now it’s time to set aside the chocolates and charming cards from secret admirers, grab your Lumia, and get ready to download these five new apps and updates that have our hearts pounding.


What is it: a collection of how-to tutorials

Why we love it: Instructables is the new official app for, which is a community for sharing and discovering step-by-step guides on how to do just about anything. The app has over 100K tutorials in categories such as tech, recipes, and workshop projects. Whether you want to learn how to craft jewelry, bake a cake, or even build a functioning robot, Instructables and its community members have you covered.

Who it’s perfect for: people that love to tinker and create



0h n0

What is it: a minimalistic puzzle game

Why we love it: 0h n0 is a new companion app to the wonderfully simple 0h h1, and features the same clean interface as its predecessor. This new game has a similar premise that will have you tapping red and blue dots, trying to deduce which color the dots should be based on the number of same-colored dots that they can “see” around them. If you love easy to play games that require a bit of logical thinking, give it a try.

Who it’s perfect for: puzzle lovers

0h n0



What is it: a photo/video locker

Why we love it: Raise your hand if you have one of those friends that feels compelled to start swiping through your personal photos after you hand them your phone to see a specific pic. AppLock can help protect your photos and videos from prying eyes by creating a password-protected gallery.

Who it’s perfect for: people with nosy friends



Camera360 Sight (update)

What is it: a photography app

Why we love it: Camera360 Sight was released in December and is intended to take the place of Camera360 as Windows 10 rolls out. It has tons of features for shooting and editing photos, and was recently updated with a Supersampling Full-size Capture function for Lumia 1020, 930, and 1520, as well as new filters for front and back cameras. Did we mention it’s free?

Who it’s perfect for: photography fans

Camera360 Sight


Ragdoll CATch

What is it: a fun platformer

Why we love it: Ragdoll CATch is the sequel to the beloved Ragdoll Run. In this new game you control the ninja Dart, saving cats while avoiding traps and obstacles. It has nice graphics and a fast-paced gameplay, with intuitive controls that make playing on a touch screen simple. You can compete against friends and players around the world, or just challenge yourself by collecting trophies. Ragdoll CATch is free without ads, so give it a try if you’re in the market for an exciting new platformer.

Who it’s perfect for: game lovers of all ages

Ragdoll Catch


What do you say, are you just as smitten with this week’s foxy five as we are? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share your own favorites from this week as well – we always love to hear about your discoveries.