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February 17, 2015

Best flight-simulation games for Windows Phone

Do you want to indulge in some high-altitude action? Maneuver airplanes and polish your flight vocabulary with these Windows Phone games.

The sky is the limit: Enjoy virtual sorties by being in the cockpit of these planes. Dodge the enemy, fire salvos and launch attacks as you win laurels for your country.

Here are some of the best flight-simulation games for Windows Phone.

Rise of Glory ($2.99)

rise of glory

If you want to engage in a challenging game, Rise of Glory is meant for you. Choose from a range of WWI planes with arcade accents, guns, cannons, enemy plans and missions that need to be won. High-quality 3D graphics, realistic aircraft behavior and matching sound effects make for engaging gameplay.

Learn the nuances of flying an aircraft in campaign mode and learn tricks to win battles. Revel in the glory of vintage planes but be forewarned of the superb artificial intelligence in the game. There is a whole squadron waiting to fire salvos at you from all sides!

Guardians of the Skies (free)


Learn how to be a combat pilot and enjoy a feature-rich game with a gripping storyline and excellent graphics. The official Indian Air Force (IAF) 3D air combat mobile game, Guardians of the Skies lets you live life of an IAF combat pilot.

Start the game by learning how to fly a fighter jet with the help of onboard instructions and directions. Master your skills as these levels will only be unlocked as you progress. You get both motion sensors and touch-based controls to glide these planes. For the best user experience, calibrate your smartphone from the pause menu by holding it upright or at 45′ angle.

After acing the basics of flight training, get your hands dirty in two missions where war clouds hang over India and Zaruzia. Enjoy the rest of the eight missions while entering a full-fledged air war between the two countries and try out a wide range of fighting jets.

Unlike other simulation games, Guardians of the Skies is multi-player so you can slug it out with up to six players. That’s not all. You also get campaign ribbons and gallantry awards as you progress. Enhanced gameplay, complete with background music and 10 rounds of missions, make the game a cut above the rest.

RC-AirSim: Model Airplane Flight Simulator ($2.99) 

rc airsim

Featuring realistic flight and aerodynamics, learn how to fly a model airplane. RC (radio controlled) model-airplane pilots can update their flying skills and learn new maneuvers without having to worry about crashing a plane!

You get aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle controls complemented by Doppler-correct sound and 3D graphics. There are also optional on-screen radio-controlled transmitter stick controls, which reduces control sensitivity.

Perfect your moves on the free RC-AirSim Lite version first, which offers you two models of light aircraft. Then you can add five other models in your hangar–one single-engine plane, two gliders and two fighter jets–by purchasing the full version of RC-AirSim: Model Airplane Flight Simulator.

Have you played any of these games? Share with us if you know of a better flight -simulation based game.