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February 18, 2015

#Lumiatips Vine: Snooze but don’t lose with your Lumia

Do you need just a little more shut-eye in the morning? Use this Windows Phone 8.1 feature on your Lumia alarm to get a few more zzz’s.

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep–it’s not just rest or downtime.

Scientists say it’s also the period when your brain resets itself and helps you absorb and retain all the information you learned the previous day. If you’re learning to play a sport or musical instrument, that learning includes motor memory.

So when morning comes just a bit too early, your Lumia can help you get a little more slumber without making you late for work or school.

If your Lumia is running Lumia Denim or Windows Phone 8.1, go to the built-in Alarm app. Tap the Snooze Time feature and choose a time–from five minutes to one hour–to grab a bit more rest before you start your day.

It’s as easy as that!

However, if you find yourself hitting the snooze button too often, you’re probably not getting enough quality rest. Try going to bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier than usual. Then, make that new bedtime your regular bedtime–even on the weekends.

Why? Research says it’s hard on your body when you wake at different times during the week and may lead to insomnia. You may also want to avoid alcohol and caffeine within a few hours of hitting the hay.

Want more info on how to get a good night’s sleep? Check out these research-backed sleep tips from the National Institutes of Health.