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February 23, 2015

Microsoft Math: Breaking the mathematics phobia

Overcome math anxiety with Microsoft Math app for Windows Phone 8.1.

MS math

Like most of you out there, I get sweaty palms and heart palpitations when my mother asks me to calculate the monthly milk bill. While I studied math until high school, this app can help me better do obscure calculations like that.

The free Microsoft Math app offers you an engaging, exciting and personal learning experience. Students and adults alike can do math exercises, learn from examples, and take further tests.

To use Microsoft Math, sign in with your Microsoft account. After logging in, select the “my catalog” option, which lists various levels such as High School Mathematics (Global Math), Mathematics for South Africa or Mathematics from Tanzania.

Choose from five topics: numbers and operations, algebra, geometry and measurement, probability and statistics and calculus. Each topic starts with a basic level and as you answer correctly, you gain points, clear levels and increase your math quotient.

If you answer incorrectly, you’re given the correct answer and an explanation to improve your math skills. You also have the option to take your tasks and levels in the offline mode as well.

Tool for teachers

Teachers and parents can motivate and monitor learning by assigning students daily or weekly tasks via the app. The students can collaborate and compete with other students to make the learning process more fun and social.

By providing a problem’s solution, Microsoft Math encourages users to think actively. It further instills independent learning by giving instant and interactive feedback, not just the right answer.

You can also take stock of your rankings via the app and add yourself to other sections such as My Groups, Challenges and What’s New on a weekly basis.

Whether you’re a student or a grown-up, try out the app after school or work. Microsoft Math is free to download from the Windows Phone Store.