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February 23, 2015

Show us how you #AchieveMore in the latest #LumiaChallenge

Our working lives are more hectic and all-encompassing than ever, so much so that Emily White, a Facebook executive, has coined a new term for the phenomenon: work-life merge.

While there may be less free time for us, thanks to technology like smartphones we have the possibility to use that precious time ever more creatively. This creativity is exactly what we’re celebrating with our latest #LumiaChallenge.

Here’s looking at you, kid!

This #LumiaChallenge, running from Feb 23rd – March 8th, is all about illustrating what inspires you outside of your 9-5 – we want to celebrate the creativity of everyday life. What do you do when you’re really you, when you’re able to express the very essence of yourself? We’re reaching out for your photos, which show what you love doing best as an individual, as opposed to a professional. How do you achieve the most satisfaction and make the most of the hours (or minutes, or days) that belong exclusively to you?

We can all #AchieveMore

If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day (don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone), start small. A minute here, another one there. These busy professionals from our @Connects community have all shown it’s possible to #AchieveMore outside your professional life, taking time for things they are passionate about.

Olivier Wong

Olivier may be an engineer by profession but he doesn’t just think in numbers – he is a passionate & talented photographer, with a loyal community of fans following his impressive shots of Paris.

olivier wong

Emma Frew

Since a young age, Emma has loved drawing and crafting personalized cards and notes for her nearest and dearest. Although she works as a copywriter, Emma has taken the plunge and started her own range of cards and stationery, combining her love of words and art to help people find the right words to enjoy life’s little moments.

emma frew

Patrick Walsh

Patrick has dreamt big from a young age and is constantly striving to #AchieveMore in everything he does! His book ‘Life is’ details how to live your dreams and achieve more every day.


Bryce McNitt

A program analyst by day, Bryce loves the outdoors. He has combined his passion for photography with hiking as he begins his journey into the world of adventure photography.


Inspiring you to #AchieveMore

To take part, you’ll need to share your photos on Twitter or Instagram using two hashtags: #LumiaChallenge and #AchieveMore. The best entries will be displayed for all to see at Mobile World Congress from March 2nd – but that’s not all. The winner will be awarded an extra special Connects Inspiration Pack designed to inspire you to #AchieveMore and fulfill your dreams.

The pack will be bursting with inspirational goodies, exclusive Connects gifts and at the heart of it all a personalized Lumia 830 to keep you dreaming wherever you go!

14 days to go and counting

The competition will close two weeks from today, so get your thinking caps on and your cameras at hand! Before you send off your entries, please remember to check out these Terms and Conditions, too.

We know our community has what it takes you to #AchieveMore, so we’ve got our eyes fixed on the closing date and our hearts aflutter with excitement. To keep us amused and informed while we’re waiting, please chat to us via the comments below, and let us know what you think of this particular #LumiaChallenge.