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February 26, 2015

5 music apps recommended by the developer of MeeDJ

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

Janosch Lenzi

The wise words above were penned well over a hundred years ago by author Victor Hugo, and we think he was definitely on to something. Music is without a doubt one of the best ways to express yourself, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a person that doesn’t enjoy getting caught up in beautiful harmonies or captivating lyrics. Luckily, there are tons of apps in the Windows Phone Store that can help you express your creativity through the sound of music. We talked with one of the developers of the fantastic MeeDJ, Janosch Lenzi, to discover which music apps he recommends to jazz up your Lumia.


MeeDJ is a free DJ mixing console for mobile devices that is perfect for people who enjoy mixing tracks while having fun, as well as those looking for a strong social community in which to discover new music and friends. MeeDJ is now bigger and better than ever thanks to a partnership with Sleeve Music. The new major release of MeeDJ launched on February 10th, providing users with the ability to share mixes they create on Sleeve Music and thus having an opportunity to showcase their work within a fast growing passionate music community worldwide.


So how did MeeDJ begin? Janosch says “Our team is made up of me, Janosch Lenzi (project manager), Massimo Poli (software engineer), Laurie Elie (designer) and Angelo Siragusa (DJ) and we were friends before being co-founders of MEEDJ. Of course are we all music passionates and two of us play and create music.” So who better to recommend the best music apps than an expert in the field. Over to you, Janosch.

Sleeve Music

What is it: Sleeve Music is a single place where you can discover new music, follow your favorite artists and see their latest updates.

Why I love it: because it is immediate to use, with a beautiful and extremely clean interface and a great user experience.

Who it’s perfect for: this app is a must have for music lovers and I bet you won’t stop using it once installed!

Sleeve Music


Guitar Tuna 

What is it: GuitarTuna is an extremely easy, fast and accurate guitar tuner app (it also includes many other chord instruments). And it’s free.

Why I love it: because it is clearly built by guitarists for guitarists, since it is impressively fast and accurate at the same time. And provides an amazing visual user experience.

Who it’s perfect for: this app is perfect for professionals, amateurs (like me) and beginning electric and acoustic guitar players. It also comes with an auto mode which lets you tune even more quickly.

Guitar Tuna



What is it: Beatphonic lets you create cool beats and simple edm music instantly, without any musical skills, just using physical gestures.

Why I love it: because the UX is pretty original and the UI is ridiculous easy. You will be able to record a simple but still impressive EDM track within minutes (using many available instruments, styles and lots of combinations).

Who it’s perfect for: this app is a must have for users without specific music skills, who want to have fun and challenge themselves to create cool music tracks they may share at parties with friends.




What is it: MusiXmatch allows users to access the largest lyrics database in the world (for free), to find lyrics on their mobile device for tracks they love and listen to.

Why I love it: maybe most of the readers already know MusiXmatch, but I wanted to cite it since it lets me interact with music I love by easily matching lyrics to my favorite tracks while I’m listening to them. I also use the new integrated song recognition engine pretty often.

Who it’s perfect for: this app is perfect for music lyrics passionates, no matter if you want to understand the full text of songs you love or if you just want to sing them.




What is it: SongArc is not exactly a music title. Actually it’s a music game that works with your favourite tracks! You have to try it to understand what it is.

Why I love it: because it’s a game that lets you play with real music on your device, it’s fine designed, easy to learn but difficult to master (which keeps you playing it)

Who it’s perfect for: this is an original app providing fun through music to everybody. You may also share your scores on social media and compete with other music-gamers 😉

Song Arc


Did Janosch’s choices for the top music apps in the Windows Phone Store strike a chord with you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out MeeDJ if you’re looking for a way to let your musical creativity shine.

Image credit: Jamie King