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February 27, 2015

#FotoClubeLumia: Join our Lumia photography club

Some of the best camera phones on the market belong to the Lumia family: the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, and Lumia 1020 to name just a few; all providing you the hardware (and software) to take breathtaking photographs.

To recognize this fact, Microsoft and our team from Lumia Conversations Brasil are launching the first smartphone photography club in Brazil, called #FotoClubeLumia.

The initiative joins photographers and people interested in photos to improve their artistic vision and to share their experiences among people who consider their smartphone and its photographic-prowess their big passion.

If you look for the hashtag #FotoClubeLumia on Instagram, you’ll certainly find plenty of amazing pictures.

Two big talents of this unpublished group have accepted our challenge to show an incredible photo session using only a smartphone – the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520.

Of course, they had applied the professional adjustments available in Lumia Camera to make those pictures even better, but the only edits made were on the Lumia and by using Adobe Photoshop Express and Lumia Creative Studio.

Take a look at images and pay attention to the tips from Marcelo Santanna (@magushi) and Renato Gaiofato (@regaiofato).


At Paranapiacaba, a historical city located in São Paulo, Brazil, Marcelo and Renato enjoyed a rainy day, which made for some interesting shots.

Marcelo told us, “A different angle makes a different picture”. So, if you have the talent and a great camera, you can certainly capture amazing pictures as well – and please, share it with us.


Renato is a little more audacious. “I try to use features that few people are familiar with, such as exposure bracket to make a light measurement, like a photometer, with three photos and three levels of compensation”.

While that might seem quite complicated, it’s worth experimenting with the Lumia Camera app to see what you can come up with.


Our Lumia photographers are poets, too, and it makes us think about the real reason of taking wonderful pictures.

During the interview for Lumia Conversations, Renato told us he always believes that the most important thing isn’t the technique or camera used but what he sees and feels at that moment, what’s on his mind and heart when he presses the camera shutter key.

Marcelo finishes this special moment by saying “Don’t take the picture and look at the scene after! First, you have to look it and then shoot, because sometimes if you move a little bit the position of the camera, you avoid something passing through the scene disturbing your perfect shot”. That’s an important detail, right?


If you like the shots from Marcelo and Renato and want to see more, we invite you to follow them on Twitter and Instagram: Marcelo Santanna (@magushi) and Renato Gaiofato (@regaiofato). They are amazing and we’re so proud to have them on the #FotoClubeLumia – a Microsoft Brazil pioneering initiative.

Will you join the club?