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March 6, 2015

Lumia questions: you ask, we answer

In January, we introduced a new feature called “Lumia questions: you ask, we answer,” in which we address some of your questions about Lumia and Windows Phone. Here’s the second round-up.

We’ve gathered your feedback. Thank you for sharing questions, thoughts and suggestions on how we can give you the best Lumia experience.

We start this month’s reader’s queries with a question from reader Dimitar Chaushev.

Question: Dimitar asked, “Since some of Cortana’s features do not require Internet or GPS, then why do we always need the GPS to be enabled?”


Answer: Turning on GPS helps Cortana be a better personal assistant for you.

If the Internet and GPS are turned on, Cortana can slot your upcoming meeting reminders (with location info), log your travel details in your calendar, and give you nearby restaurant recommendations, among other things.

lumia 630 copy

Question: “Does the single-SIM Lumia 630 not support the “hide navigation bar” option after upgrading to Lumia Denim update?” asked reader Pavle Kasom.

Answer: The option of hiding the navigation bar is not supported by all phones and only models such as Lumia 535, Lumia 535 Dual SIM, Lumia 730 Dual SIM, Lumia 735 feature it. The Lumia 630’s navigation bar is always on, but you can choose between three display styles such as Always dark, Match background or Match accent color.

In fact, you can change its accent color to make it pop by following these steps:


On the Start screen, swipe down from the screen’s top, tap ALL SETTINGS > navigation bar and change the setting for navigation bar

Question: Reader Maurizio asked, “[Will] the Glance screen play the role of a notification LED in all future Lumia phones? Will there be more features added to enhance the Glance screen?”

Answer: Exclusive to Lumia, Glance Screen is designed to offer minimal yet useful information without consuming too much battery life. Your Glance screen can show the time and date, missed calls, emails received, and calendar entries, as well as weather updates, a lock-screen photo and health and fitness data**.

Glance Screen is different from the traditional notification LED found on other smartphones. Since one can see unread notifications on the screen itself, Lumia smartphones don’t require notification LED separately. Currently, its night mode automatically dims your screen between the times selected by you. Glance Screen feature is compatible with devices that have a display resolution of 720p or higher.

**Lumia Denim required.

What other questions would you like us to answer? Share them in the comments below.