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March 10, 2015

Vote on the TileArt Guy’s top 10 TileArtworks of the month

If there’s one app that’s caught your imagination in the last few weeks it’s TileArt.

How do we know? Simple. We’ve seen it here, there and everywhere. You’ve shared your creations on Twitter, you’ve shared them on Facebook, and you’ve even shared them on Reddit. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, TileArt is one of those apps that inspires us to both showcase our creativity and the Lumia’s ace customization features. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who, with a proud grin, have shown off our latest TileArt masterpieces to our friends and family. In celebration of this fantastic feeling and to showcase up and coming TileArtists, we want you to vote on the TileArtist of the month. Chosen by the Tile Art Guy, Ricc Webb, himself, this month’s shortlist is a cracker. So scroll on down and pick your fave. May the best TileArtist win!

 1. Dragon Ball by @isaiasteodoro

TileArt by @isaiasteodoro


2. Child’s artwork by @amomontheside

TileArt by @amomontheside


3. Colorful art by @Djuystick

TileArt by @Djuystick

4. Snazzy screen by @koreandoll

TileArt by @koreandoll

5. Minions by Amar Banwal

 TileArt by Amar Banwal

6. Miyazaki by @paulomalley

TileArt by @paulomalley

7. Witcher by @Bota_Goz

TileArt by @Bota_Goz

8. Batman by @mycuttingchai

TileArt by @mycuttingchai

9. Harley Quinn by @liupeng8

TileArt by @liupeng8

10. Spider Gwen by @RizkiFaisal_

TileArt by @RizkiFaisal_

By @RizkiFaisal_

There you have it. The TileArt Guy’s top 10 Tileartworks of the month. The million dollar question, though, is which one do you love best? To make your opinion count, be sure to vote and share your thoughts down below. And if you want to be considered for next month, share your top TileArt on Twitter with the hashtag #TileArt.