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Create with Mischief on Surface Pro

Written By published March 11, 2015

Recently I have been playing a bunch with the creative application Mischief. It works great on both Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3.

I have been sketching mostly, but the promise of the infinite canvas makes Mischief a great candidate for brainstorming, mind-mapping, drawing, and ideation – really the whole spectrum of creative storytelling.

Picture 1

What I often find frustrating is that I have to pick a canvas size and resolution before I get started with my work, later on I find that I am running out of space, I have to start a new canvas to explore a new idea or take things a different direction. With Mischief I can just draw and not be bothered by where my work might take you. I can expand my canvas anytime and in any direction. I can create a deep zoom story where I start with a macro view and then keep digging deeper and deeper, exploring more and more details. It also makes for an interesting preposition: The idea that I get super rich pixel-based brushes while at the same time having the scalability of vectors.

The app itself is super easy to learn – the layout is straightforward and doesn’t get in your way. Color swatches, brush, and basic layer/canvas properties are all controlled by floating tool kits that I can place anywhere on the canvas. Touch and pen are seamlessly supported and so zooming and panning with one hand and working the pen with the other. It really is a great tool for the artist working on Surface, looking for a versatile, creative toolkit that scales to meet your needs.

We were able to score an exclusive discount for Surface users that want to try and buy Mischief. Normally Mischief is $25USD, but until March 16th there is a 20% discounts off of Mischief for Surface users. Use the coupon code: SURFACEPRO at the Mischief Store.

Check out some of these awesome canvases from Mischief user @philliprauschko:




And for a broader portfolio of work go here.