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March 11, 2015

Easy Listening: We’ve picked the Comfort Headset winners

When we introduced our new Microsoft Comfort Headset with “ear-gonomic” design, we ended with a competition to win a Comfort Headset. It’s time to reveal the three lucky winners!

Choosing the winners for this desirable sound innovation was not an easy task. It took lots of careful deliberation.

To win one of the three Comfort Headsets, your task was simple: Tell us what comfort means to you. That task should’ve been easy as the Comfort Headset offers the best audio experience with maximum comfort.

comfort embed

Before we reveal the winners, here are some entries that came close to winning.

Comfort Headset best entries

Karl Krist

“Comfort is being able to walk for hours while listening to podcasts on my phone. Comfort is coding at work for a few hours and forgetting that I even have a headset on. Comfort is throwing a set in my jacket pocket, and not having to untangle for 5 minutes. Comfort is being in the greenhouse with the loud fans running, while I listen to music and work happily.”


“To me, especially when it comes to headphones and ear buds, comfort means endurance. The greater the comfort, the easier it is to wear for a long period of time. Anything that’s not comfortable is also distracting, which takes away from being able to focus on the conversation, the music, or whatever task is being done.”

Mark LakemanMark Lakeman

“Comfort is simply plugging in & streaming good tunes while wifey watches duff tv like coronation street & east enders.”

And the winners are:

imawesh and his representation of a happy egg showing its state of comfort. The image is truly creative and is a worthy winner.


Elliot Lye’s infographic explains the essence of Comfort Headset in a smart way. Well done.


Kaustubh Adhav, our third winner, conveys the meaning of “Comfort” featuring the Comfort Headphones with this wonderful video.


Congratulations, all. Thanks to everybody who participated and shared with us his or her sense of comfort. We’ll be emailing the winners shortly.

Don’t lose heart if you didn’t win. The Microsoft Comfort Headset is priced at 15 euros and will be available in orange, white, and black.

Which was your favorite entry?